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  1. I think its a choice between folding and raising to 10,000Calling with a rubbish hand against 2 players seems ambitious as you would only be doing that to steal the pot later.Raising to 5500 forces both players to call which bloats the pot and would make your anxious opponents feel more pot-commited in later streets.Going all-in is committing too much to win too little and only helps you lose the maximum.Folding risks nothing but is passing up on a potential opportunity.Given the reads both players would struggle to call a raise to 10k so it might be possible to steal cheaply. The problem is
  2. Actually its the Krazy Kristian Krew, but that's just a little joke to break the ice.Rational, cool and collected have their time and place. Converse with me in the Strategy forum, as we have, and it’s all very polite. Here it is a different story. I don't act or sound crazy. My posts are clear and logic based. However I am acting obnoxious, loud and angry, and yes it's an act. This is a written forum touching on subjects that deeply affect peoples lives as opposed to discussions on continuation bets.Sometimes you need to be aggressive and push buttons, otherwise people will take their tim
  3. No reason?You may notice a number of posts here that are of the nature "I even have gay friends but...". If that doesn't offend your sensiblity I don't know what should.I do have gay friends and I find assaults on their right to love disgusting. Excuse me for getting upset.Let me show you something...You are an abomination because you are homosexual.orYou are an abomination because you are black.How much of a stink would there be if LMD posted the second?Why are you not outraged by the first?What gives him the right to hide either behind the fabric of religion? Perhaps you should read Dawki
  4. Give me a break. Some Christians believe homosexuality is fine, others don't. Therefore his choice on the matter is a personal one. If he states that it is an abomination that is his opinion. Just like it your opinion that Genesis is obviously not literal.He doesn't get to hide behind his religion.He is a homophobic prick. End of story. Boo f#cking hoo.Grow up baby. I am of the same demographics as you are, so how can it be personal?Perhaps you may have wanted to dodge the point that you stuck up for LMD because he is a fellow Christian or you're just too little to admit you were clearly w
  5. Dictionary time:Webster's Medical DictionaryMain Entry: ho·mo·pho·biaPronunciation: "hO-m&-'fO-bE-&Function: noun: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals —If you call something or someone an abomination...a·bom·i·na·tion –noun 1. anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred. 2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation: He regarded lying with abomination. 3. a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.: Spitting in public is an abomination. Do I have to make it any f#cking clearer? He is homophobic.It
  6. No you go right ahead insinuating gays are abominations and that your family needs protection from them. Or that a picture of 2 men holding hands is 'sneaky' way of getting evil into your life.Not a homophobe or a biggot at all
  7. Okay, so now lets reapply context. What goes around comes aroundIt was LMD that brought up the original objection. Do you think a picture of 2 men holding hands looking for an apartment is promoting homosexual sex any more than the Jack & Jill scenario? Promoting it enough to warrant home-schooling?My guess is you don't and therefore you might just agree that the whole home-schooling thing is a bit of an over reaction. He try's to divert the issue by throwing in the 'protecting my family card' but anyone that takes a moment to actually think about it knows it's a front.His post was that
  8. Okay context then, Jack & Jill not wearing wedding rings?
  9. So, tell me then how does a picture of 2 men holding hands looking for an apartment cause a bigger impact on anyones family than Romeo & Juliet which describes lust, revenge, murder and suicide?
  10. Given that people have killed themselves over their sexuality/religious conflicts I'm not going to let you claim ownership of that debate. Sorry you don't have that right.
  11. So a picture of 2 people in love is enough to take a child out of school because it promotes sin?Would you take her out of school if it was Jack and Jill, without wedding rings?What on earth are you going to do when she starts reading the works of Shakespeare? Tons of sin involved there. What if they teach her history or current affairs? Or if she studies law or sees a picture of a policeman and a robber? Do you keep out of McDonalds because of the Hamburglar?You guys like to bang on about how there is no 'scale' of sin yet you are being very selective about which ones are okay. Surely the
  12. Hardly. There are Christians that would go down the list and debate those points.DS - you've stated before you don't believe that Genesis is the literal inerrant word of God so somewhere in that list you vary from brvheart and yet you are both Christians.I'll let you two work out which one is right and then that person can tell the gays they can't fall in love.My point & I believe renae's is that to believe that homosexuality is a sin you need to go through that list and tick all the boxes. Given that others don't including other Christians anyone telling a homosexual that what they are
  13. Her post is not relevant to my pov. I thought is was brilliant because it shows the line of reasoning that a person must process to define homosexuality as a sin and therefore be 'looked down up on' by RKIGS or 'tolerated but not accepted, hidden from children or rated not as good as mine' by LMD+t.The arrogance of a Christian to tell somebody who they can or can't love was wrapped up nicely
  14. It makes me smile because in less than 100 words renaedawn has pointed out that God may or may not exist If he does he may or may not have communicated with us If he did he may or may not have chosen some individuals specifically over others to record his rules If he did those individuals may or may not have been dicated to If they were they may or may not of recorded these dictations infallibly If they did these writings may or may not have been chosen to become part of the Bible If they were these dictations may or may not have been translated into English accurately If they were these Engli
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