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  1. Johnny Grooms was the head tournament director for WSOP in 05... really nice guy... I thought he did a great job ... have not seen him since 6-7 circuit stops ago... and he wasnt at the 06 WSOP ... Now it seems Jack Effel has his job. Johnny was his superior last I saw. So anyone know what happened to Johnny... Did he move on to bigger and better things?
  2. I think he has a great point ... Daniel makes a big stink about the schedule and tries to get more events like this SAME one in... and then doesn't play?!
  3. Go back and re-download Real Player... its free and takes 3 minsIt will workMonster Pots...
  4. Chester: I appologize for any inconveniences I may have caused with my identical post... I just wanted to see some replies on people loving or hating on him! I will work on being more original in the future... My BadThe Brenes Pot was by no means a bad suck out ... He was way too priced in... and if the Ace came on the flop rather than the river ... no one says a work!thanks again... Monster Pots
  5. Same thing has happened to me 3 times now... I just click on the Flash Player link below the screen ... You must re-download Flash player... it only takes a min or two! Thanks... Monster Pots
  6. Don't get me wrong... I want to hate the guy just like the rest of you... But I have tremendous respect for his play so far this WSOP... several cashes (got the record back from Men) and 3 final tables... I watched the live updates last night on CardPlayer and he didn't really suck out bad or bad beat many people... He's just running well and playing his tail off! Love Him or Hate Him... You are going to root for the 10th... Its historic! With the fields today ... there maybe never be an 11th or 12th by anyone~?Thanks... Monster Pots
  7. I am very satisfied with Daniel's answer to yesterday's fiasco of a rebuy session... STRESS RELEASING! ok... if the guy has to drop 40k to relieve some stress that's his thing and I don't have any issue with it. But for all you posters that said it was just his "brilliant strategy to aquire chips" --- Not so much. Stress Release, I can buy that. The guy has to Release it all somehow... I prefer a 65.00 massage. But I'm cheap!Oh and yes you guys made me feel bad last night... So I sent a check for $48.00 to Tanzania for the kids last night. I figure DN has me outchipped
  8. You're right that he wasn't priced in, nor did he have pot odds... but the all in moved pre-flop was not so bright ... still had wayyyyy too many chips with the blinds reasonable. 3500 all in to win 900... youre layin 3.8-1 ... and this guy might WANT to gamble(which he did) but if player X wants to gamble a bit early in the tourney ... what a great spot for him to do so .. the 99 in that spot with your huge overbet looks great... I would be sniffing out a bluff with that overbet... His 99 wasnt all that bad of a call, especially if he wants to gamble early to acrue chips...Thanks... M
  9. I'm happy with that as an Answer... the guy has earned the right to relieve stress his own way. Good Luck with the rest of the Series... Hope you can maintain more focus! Thanks... Monster Pots
  10. that's a little crazy to say?! Geesh They're just opinions... Monster Pots...
  11. In this months issue of POKERPRO Magazine ... it states that Sean and Mike were not allowed to play in the game at the same time because Sean had a piece of Mike's action!!! I find this completely WILD too ... since I saw the two feuding personally at the WSOP last year and it was definitely REAL! They must have made up?Monster Pots...
  12. Love him or HATE him ... dang -- He's cashing in every event he plays in ... with the fields now a days ... that is a crazy feat!! I still don't like him personally, but you Have to respect these kinds of results... #10 is right around the Corner... I predict the rebuy event will be his!Thanks... Monster Pots
  13. When you have to finish 8th or better out of 754 there can't be much -EV value or any value for that matter.... You'd have to finish in the top 1% of the field to BREAK EVEN!! Anyhow ... Daniel is a smart guy I know he knew the math while doing so. So he obviously had other motives... But for ChuckD with the Car and House analogy... You couldn't be more off base. When you by a car or House no matter how expensive or too big for your family... You will always have equity. (meaning you can always sell it to get money) Big Difference between blowing money and buying equity. *** I am no
  14. First Off: $48,000 in the last event is appauling... Thats almost to the point of "look at me, I spent the most. HaHa" I love DN but this is not amusing to me... and it looks ignorant. Can we not think of anything better to do with 48 thousand dollars? That could feed 1000 homeless children in Tanzania for 2 months! I am a very low scale 'poker pro' and I have always been a Huge Daniel Negreanu fan (He even signed my Father's Day present for my Father at last years WSOP... Thanks DN) But it seems as of late Daniel has no care in the world at winning money playing poker anymor
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