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  1. Look dumbass, that guy wanted some confirmation who I was.What other way could I confirm I was Trebor other than a direct IM?Are you ****ing slow?
  2. I am trebor, but I don't scam anymore.Im me at AzN TrAiLoR if you want.
  3. Why would it be funny if i ended my post with - "HE TRIED TO SCAM A SCAMMER"Why are you so bright? (sw)
  4. kolman36: heyAzN TrAiLoR: kolman36..AzN TrAiLoR: sounds like fcpkolman36: yupAzN TrAiLoR: whats up?AzN TrAiLoR: can i help you with somethngkolman36: do you have funds on party pokerAzN TrAiLoR: yakolman36: could you lend me $300 on pp and i can either pay you back on pp or neteller tomorrow afternoon around 11CONFIRMED.LOL THIS GUY TRIED TO SCAM A SCAMMER.
  5. Smasharoo is the best mother****ering player on this fraking planet.His strategy impeccable.Smash > ALL OF FCP
  6. rchang is my nickname all my friends call me by.for my old account TrEbOr, it was basically Robert backwards.Some genious figured it out after 5 threads of trying to decipher it."Erik Sanders" lol.
  7. Bill Simmons aka "The Sports Guy" wrote about his experience at the WSOP ME in an Espn article.He makes many Rounders references in this article. Some parts are quite comical."I believed Mike McD for eight years. "People insist on calling it luck," he kept saying sarcastically. Sure. We all knew better.If poker was about luck, as Mike says, the same guys wouldn't be sitting at the final table of the World Series every year, right? Poker was about skill and intuition. Poker was about reading opponents like a police detective, outplaying and outwitting them, always remaining ahead. Poker was abo
  8. prove me wrong what I said isn't true?
  9. wow a full on written apology to an internet poker forum....you must be having it very rough finding yourself real live friends don't ya?Your avatar is probably more exciting than your life.Hang Fcp PostersAwwww... kiss and make up
  10. Why do the mods delete anti-Dn threads?The obvious reason is because this is his poker forum, duh, yea I know.But I'm sure DN would appreciate hearing honest opinions. I thought the mod's job was to take out abusive users and unecessary topics, not control freedom of speech.
  11. dual core processor is all that is needed.any economy dell for 300 bucks can be suitable for mutitabling.Good Luck!
  12. Let me break this down for those who don't want to read that whole thing.Daniel you friggin hypocrite, stick to poker and golf.
  13. rchang

    I'm A Pimp

    TERRIBLE analogy.Athough it was funny, how am I supposed to talk about Daniel when he compares a lawsuit to pimp's and hoe's? I know he said it was explicit before he said it, but come on, these 7 players are just now going to say like "Wow now Daniel is comparing our case to pimp's and hoe's?" They can now only think he is a joke, nevertheless they already expressed initial opinions about him being a sockpuppet or stupid. Sorry, I just feel he can only lose support from people who are actually serious about this case.If Daniel really wanted to be taken seriously, he should make serious analog
  14. The point isn't what he was capable of, it's more like what he would call you with for $1,475 on the turn. The least possible would have been AK, in that case, you got lucky. Your betting was terrible. Explain to me why you would go all in on the turn?
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