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  1. i have no idea who he is, but why did he get banned? he seemed like a really cool chill guy. good poker play since he was almost running the table over
  2. I went to the commerce last night around 9pm to go play some 5-10nl with a few buddys. anyways, when i sat down at my table, the first thing i noticed was a guy wearing an FCP hat. I didn't say anything at first, but after a few rounds of playing, we were playing a hand together and asked him if he posted on the FCP forums.his name was eddie and his alias was ten-eight, if i remember correctly? anyways, it was great meeting my first fcp'er in person. ten-eight, if you read this, we have to meet up again so i can get my money back.anyone else interested in meeting up at the commerce one night?
  3. so daniel just owns that $362k house? what am i missing?btw, there's a lot of things wrong in RENTING A HOUSE! anyone who has ever owned a home knows that for a fact!
  4. can you please name a few players? ...not including me btw
  5. yes, he sold fullcontactpoker.com to a gaming site so they could create an online poker room and become partners. FTL
  6. daniel is all about the $$$$$. he dosent really care about all of us here at FCP. if so, why would he sell the website?
  7. it does have benefits...like a players club freeroll and other things that i dont know about. im def. getting one when i go play in atleast one of the $300 events
  8. ...and NO! good try though. i'll give you a 4 for the gay effort
  9. i'm def. going to this. thanks a lot for the info.
  10. just delete this thread...pleaseyou made this threadyou are from the UKhow much humiliation can one person take? i seriously feel bad for you. just stop it already
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