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  1. The original actor to play Ronald Mcdonald is a veggie...
  2. www.singletonmusic.com/free - it's actually a musical tour of london, each song is about a different place in London...There's no catch and no DRM, just need to put in your emailEnjoy!
  3. You're all very welcome, just wanted to share - and no none of them are me! Saw it in the paper here in the UK and thought the rest of the world needed to be alerted to the strange goings on of the european dance scene...
  4. TubeyouFound this when doing the utoob rounds - pretty cool.
  5. Hey chaps!Been a while I know...As many of you will know/remember I work in music PR. However, I rarely spam y'all with my acts - unless they're genuinely worth checking out...In that vain, check out Paul Hourican at www.myspace.com/paulhouricansoloartist and have a listen.I really like this guy and think he could be pretty big. He's got a cool U2-like knack for epic choruses with the humourous drink-loving lyrical ability of Shane McGowan. Could certainly make for good poker music...Let me know what you reckon and I'll hold off the spam until another really good act comes my way!Rob
  6. Got a couple more for y'allI've previously reviewed all these guys on my music blog before and the link's in my sig if you want to read more and see what I think etc...www.myspace.com/karimfanous - great guitarist, cool bluesy folk sound saw him at an acoustic festival recently and he stole the show.www.myspace.com/carofeatcharliebatchelor - not reviewed yet but soon to go up (pretty solid record tho! )Let me know what you think...also I LOVE RISE AGAINST and TIGER ARMY - not really the same genre but awesome!!!!!
  7. They're not the most attractive of lasses eh? video's pretty popular tho, I got it in an email the other day - average cover of a great song...
  8. Where's the Youtube thread in this forum? I'll start us off with some recommendations... All SAFE for work unless listed as otherwise...http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8MCAC9a2PB0http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Q67DZRZVC9chttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zK87Fw3hPFk http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ydKShYlfLC8http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oKNX1IdnBqMThat's enough for so in the (censored) words of the Black Eyed Peas, let's get it started in here!
  9. I recommend and review a bunch of new and good music on my music blog (See signiature)Also if you want an immediate recommendation - Molly Beanland is awesome - www.myspace.com/mollybeanland
  10. I'm currently listening to Molly Beanland's myspace page quite a lot, she's got a great voice and it's really chilled - great for a long session at the computer. Anyone heard her before?www.myspace.com/mollybeanland

    New Blog!

    Looks like a couple of you guys have hopped on board so TYVM!Anyone else with a spam address (even though it is actually worth reading...) please join up if you have a second!Cheers

    New Blog!

    Sorry but I'm gonna have to bump this as I notice none of you stingy rich poker players have yet found the time to subscribe to my lovely blog..... I just put a new review up of 'Silverfall' so there's an excuse to go check it out right now! lolI hate to pester but it makes me look good when I get lots of hits and subscriptions...kissesRob

    New Blog!

    Cheers! I'm trying to get back into it a little more, especially as my work revolves around the internet but I play poker at a local pool hall now and occasionally with guys from work so it only leaves hobby-playing time after the missus has had her share as well! lol!

    New Blog!

    Not just yet it doesn't but if I don't maintain my boss's interest it might start to.... Although my hours are pretty sweet 10ish to 5ish (Depends on work load )
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