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  1. If you date high school girls, they won't even realize you're supposed to have your own place. They'll just think it's cool that you can buy cigarettes.
  2. That's the record high I think. It's like Tickleme Elmo. A few retarded mom's paid $2K. But that's not a realistic street price even in high hysteria.
  3. Are you by any chance the bouncer at every night club in Las Vegas?
  4. Pretty much everyone listed in this thread is either a degenerate cheater, a degenerate addict with a stake or a degenerate addict who is almost good enough at poker to feed his addiction, and just has to pull $50K or so per week out of people's FTP account to stay in action. The most respectable person in poker is Paul Philips. He actually contributed something other than suffering to the world before poker, didn't need to cheat anyone to fund the habit, was actually honest with people in general, and got out before the lifestyle of scumbags dragged him and his newborn daughters down int
  5. You think it's trolling? Dude, I've been here since the days when DN was the biggest star in the world's hottest new fad. Essay has been here about as long under various handles, and this community was once a sea of idiots like you policed by regulars like us. This might be the most interesting thing to happen on here in a long time, but I still wouldn't call this so much fun as it is uncomfortable to watch. IQCrash's first post in this thread about sums up how most of us old timers feel about the situation, but I think those of us with the constitution to try to scream him in off the ledge lo
  6. I'm not involved with this program specifically, but I am part of a similarly advanced movement and I'm already starting to feel the benefits. I was finally able to secure a job and a place to live, all because of the decision making strategies my program taught. And the beautiful part is both the job and my new place are at The Center, so I can soak in the lessons 24/7. Compounding knowledge. Honestly, it was a tough decision to give up my old life, and I miss being able to post here with you guys, but it's the best money I've ever spent. If you are on the fence, just think about how unha
  7. LOL! Vince Young is the most ridiculous looking person on the planet.
  8. I loved that Bucs team. Loved Chucky, etc. But they didn't have a winner behind center, and that dimwitted defense couldn't keep their shit together, and did them in. It was such a shame. Alstott should have 3 SUperbowl championships.
  9. Steve Young looks good on paper, but he was really overrated...just coasting off Montana's momentum.
  10. I don't know anything about Stauhbach, but you are just proving my point with Vince Young. That guy is a great athlete, and thus doesn't have the brains to win a super bowl. I'm not talking shit about black people. If you are observing that trend, that makes you the racist.
  11. A real QB can win championships with a second-rate HB. A mobile QB can't win championships at all at the NFL level.
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