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  1. The Saraha:check-In Fri, Jun 8, 2007 Check-Out Tue, Jun 12, 2007 Fri$84.00 Sat $84.00 Sun$38.00Not to bad if you dont mind the trip across town
  2. My name is from my favorite after dinner treat......vicodin.Either that or I am a huge drug addict. Okay I am a huge drug addict.
  3. House of Cards Antigua and Barbuda - a nation of 70,000 in an area roughly half the size of San Francisco - has formally requested that the WTO allow it to suspend its intellectual property obligations to the United States, AP reports.Although many in the US have mocked tiny Antigua'a case against the US with a shrug of the shoulders, the Antiguans have always carried in their pockets a nuclear option of sorts. Most Americans view trade disputes through the prism of tit-for-tat protectionist schemes. A perceived price subsidy leads to retaliatory tariffs, etc; but the obligations imposed by WT
  4. I love that movie!!!!Do you remeber the name of it??? I have to get it on DVD!!!
  5. Here is a bucket on someones head!!
  6. The Commerce Casino is only a 7 hour drive....but worth it!
  7. Didn't know if this was posted yet?But the article is about Britain attacking the US online gambling ban.Sorry if this was already posted!!http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061027/ap_on_...online_gambling
  8. I wonder if the lag is due to large amount of people withdrawing their money from poker sites shutting down in the U.S.?? It might be slowing up the process??Just a thought !Why do you park on a driveway...and drive on a parkway??Just another thought !Okay, I am done!
  9. My local B&M has new jackpot payouts, and one of the payouts is a "Home Run". Can someone help me out and explain what a "Home Run" is??I know it isn't a baseball term....but I expect to be flamed anyways!Thanks!
  10. I just wanted to pass along the freeroll...no spam.Not a brag about 10th place, I am not very good and just wanted to let everyone know how soft the game is. They send you an email a day or two before the event. See you at the final table!!!
  11. Attn all Socal FCP'rs!!!A local radio talk station, 97.1 fm, is holding a $6,000 freeroll on Aug 31st. It is their 4th annual tournment, I played in the first two tourny's and finished in the 10th the 2nd time. I won a hundred bucks, not much, but the prize pool was only $2,000 back then. Here is the link if you want it!!http://www.971freefm.com/pages/69407.php?c...;contentId=4397Good luck!!!! Dan
  12. I can't get that song outta my head !!!!!!
  13. I vote the Monkey wins!!!!Or did he get hit by a bus??
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