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  1. i have no idea who he is, but why did he get banned? he seemed like a really cool chill guy. good poker play since he was almost running the table over
  2. I went to the commerce last night around 9pm to go play some 5-10nl with a few buddys. anyways, when i sat down at my table, the first thing i noticed was a guy wearing an FCP hat. I didn't say anything at first, but after a few rounds of playing, we were playing a hand together and asked him if he posted on the FCP forums.his name was eddie and his alias was ten-eight, if i remember correctly? anyways, it was great meeting my first fcp'er in person. ten-eight, if you read this, we have to meet up again so i can get my money back.anyone else interested in meeting up at the commerce one night?
  3. so daniel just owns that $362k house? what am i missing?btw, there's a lot of things wrong in RENTING A HOUSE! anyone who has ever owned a home knows that for a fact!
  4. can you please name a few players? ...not including me btw
  5. yes, he sold fullcontactpoker.com to a gaming site so they could create an online poker room and become partners. FTL
  6. daniel is all about the $$$$$. he dosent really care about all of us here at FCP. if so, why would he sell the website?
  7. it does have benefits...like a players club freeroll and other things that i dont know about. im def. getting one when i go play in atleast one of the $300 events
  8. ...and NO! good try though. i'll give you a 4 for the gay effort
  9. i'm def. going to this. thanks a lot for the info.
  10. just delete this thread...pleaseyou made this threadyou are from the UKhow much humiliation can one person take? i seriously feel bad for you. just stop it already
  11. wow its actually sad that you can't comprehend such an easy reply. ehhhhh you are from the U.K. I cant blame you.i actually feel bad for you now
  12. don't worry....nofx will be leaving soon. he's the biggest troll on fcp
  13. anyways, back on topic. how are you now OP? still holding it strong?
  14. so i take it that your mom still isn't awake from last night huh son?. i cant blame her, i worked her hard giant fat cellulite a$s last night. cottage cheese was flying everywhere
  15. gl sir. hopefully i'll see you there sitting at a final table together.
  16. you and nofx survived the hanger huh? lucky bastards!
  17. lol yes, off track son. when you dont talk about the subject of the thread, it is known as getting off-track.anything else you would like to learn tonight kid? .
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