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  1. condolences to Daniel and his family. May she rest in peace and in heaven looking down you, at least you know shes with your dad now.
  2. my thoughts and prayers are with your mother and family,
  3. geez you act like I did something to you, I wasn't the one who over played 10-10 against your KJ shove at the final table of a WSOP event
  4. the cards were also placed in the muck by dealer, then pulled out again once floor was called. If this matters
  5. this is what i think and how i responded. the white guy is player B. In case you are wondering this took place in a card room in AsiaHere's my take on it and my experience here. If he verbally declared a call and he then exposed his cards that is just ok. But if he just flipped up his cards it can be declared as dead, because as no verbal declaration of what the action was and no physical action as in pushing of the chips was done. It was just the flipping of the cards, what if when he flipped up his 33 and the white guy showed 99?? He could of easily said well cards are in the muck and end of
  6. This hand took place during a tournament. If there is anymore information i am leaving out that will help, let me know. Thank you guys.player a and player b were heads up...Flop was K 9 3player B went all in...player A showed placed his cards on the table face up 33 (giving him bottom set)...the dealer immediately picked up the cards and declared player A hand dead, just as player A was pushing his chips in...big commotion...Player A was saying it's not dead coz it's face up (backed up by respected name big shot player who was watching the action while playing on the next table, like it matter
  7. thanks man, it just hurts. On the other hand if it goes the other way I am happy as a clam, so im starting to get over it. Good luck in the cash games
  8. with blinds at 3000/6000 ante at 500, I have 78k and I open shove with my pocket pair, guy with alot of chips calls 78k with ace ten of diamonds. Turn brings him the ace and I bust out in 25 or something, I know It was kind of foolish to open shove with the situation the way it is was, but the call with a10 I don't know what hell that was even if he did have over 200k and it he did make alot of iffy calls along the way. Well what the hell are you gonna do right, if it goes the other way I have 180k in chips and sitting pretty for a final table run.
  9. wow, I hope to meet ya Mr. Daniel. Ill be the big Filipino guy..haha. I just called River Rock and Sunday's tournament has reached its max, I am so glad i reserved a spot two weeks agoI was also talking to my friends in the Philippines and they miss you this year at the AAPT stop there thats going on right now, I guess its lacking the star name power that it had when you were over there with other Pokerstars endorsers.
  10. whos all gonna be there, ill be there Sunday playing in the first event.
  11. I used to make these threads over a year ago, its better just to not say anything. Just post something when you go robusto
  12. theres a thread about it on the the 2+2 section, this was someones translation that was backed up by othersGo **** yourselves, you, ******s!"And then:"And you, ******s mug, shut up most of all". ---this was to Michael Carroll
  13. I found my answer, thats pretty horrible at the things he said. But to his defense, it was unintentional (string bet) but yet they kept indirectly needling him and insulting him imo. Guy barely understands or speaks English.
  14. I am still interested as to what he said in Russian, it must of been bad because ESPN was bleeping it out.
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