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  1. Just had to put this one out there LOLPlayin in the River Main event at Winstar in Oklahoma. 3 Million guaranteed , playing on day one of Five first days.Started with 300 people and top 30 make the money and come back for day two.Approx 200 people left when this hand happened .Average stack is around 15k or so and I have around 25k and villian is table chip leader and prob top 3 or so in tourney with around 60K.Blinds are 300/600 50anteI pick up AA in mp and make my standard raise to 2100 , the button who is a chick that has beaten me a couple of hands so far makes the call and the big blind w
  2. 11,450 at first break of the Million
  3. Im in ..... 16k at the break
  4. Tks... Ya that hour was not so good... Lost a ton of chips when I got it all in with an OESD and flush draw and both of my cards were good... So I had max outs... but couldnt hit....GL ALL
  5. That was a nice hour... from 5k to 52kAnd only had to suckout once LOL 55 v AA v JJ and I spike a 5
  6. Picked up 5 or 6 big hands and just cant hit anything... Then lost a pot with 2pr v 2pr Sittin at around 5k at the break
  7. Tks ... This is my first one in quite a while...
  8. Last year I lucked into winning the 100 deepstack on stars two saturdays in a row..
  9. Took it down for a meager 150 bucks, but it was fun.... Tks for the support
  10. Its just a $3 buyin , but its my first final table in a long while1st in chips with 8 left
  11. Pretty sure im gonna give it a shot.Got the World Series bug and wanna get back out to play in the Main Event..
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