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  1. What youth development does UTD have?, Giggs/Scholes/Neville etc are from 10 -15 years ago. Name 5 players that have come out of the youth squad since 2000 (who have played regular first team football)?UTD have spent over £150M trying to buy the title just like Chelsea have.
  2. Chelsea bought Joe Cole from WestHam in 2003 for £6.6M. Hardly home grown.
  3. Glad he's gone. Heston was a right wing ahole who turned up at an NRA rally in Colorado only a few days after the massacre at Colombine.Lets hope they bury all his guns with him !
  4. This is genius!BTW probably NSFWKeep scrolling, there's loads of them. Some of them you may not 'get' as they relate to some British TV programmeshttp://forum.football365.com/index.php?t=m...=0&count=40
  5. A defrag won't help. Pixelization is usually due to the amount of data in relation to the size of the screen. I don't see how that would occur just because your clips are old.Just out of curiosity are you now using a new screen (physical that is) to view them?
  6. Do you get pixelation even when the clip being played is reduced in screen size?
  7. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    What fact?...just see Yorke,he summed things up perfectly.
  8. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    At last. Someone with sense.
  9. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    Who is saying gun crime is acceptable?.....not me.FACT..... let me say again, FACT.... If guns were illegal you would have less gun crime. I can't believe you are even going to try and argue against this.My point is that MOST people can't get hold of a gun and therefore general life is safer over here. If you reduce the access of guns to people then by definition life is going to be safer. I really can't believe you are trying to argue against this. Gun deaths per 100,000 population (for the year indicated): Homicide Suicide U
  10. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    I think you should also have a look a where things were invented. Telephone and Electricity were invented by Scots if I remember. The jet engine was invented by an English man called Whittle.
  11. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    My point is that if a student (if he was a student in this case) doesn't have access to a gun, then he if less likely to cause as many (if any) deaths. The fact that he/she can get hold of a gun with very little trouble can only add to a n already serious problem.
  12. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    Of course gun crime is going to rise. Illegal guns coming into the country will always happen. The fact is they are not available to the general public which prevents people who have a really bad day going around shooting people. The vast majority of illegal guns that are over here are owned by gangs. They are not the people who would walk into a school and do what has just happened once again in the US.
  13. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    Utter rubbish proven by the number of gun deaths in the USA compared to other countries.
  14. spm

    Va. Tech Shooting

    Your country has a serious gun problem. Again look at gun deaths v anyone in Europe.
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