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  1. suck it McCain ****heads, I havent posted here because of you for a long time. Didnt help with DN being a religious nut, at least he picked a winner. Still a nut head religious freak tho.(or last I heard)
  2. because you are a dumb ass you doesnt understand politics.
  3. From what I can gather call phones with internet will be banned this year at the wsop which will suck for getting updates from DN. Any way around this DN?
  4. Maybe you should visit the internet before you think you know whats happening. Im reading this on 2+2 nub.
  5. So I dont post here anymore but this one got me to come on by. Micon from NWP says you had your way with 'Brandi' in Niagra. Want to spill some beans? Im sure more details will follow. Pre or post Lori? That might be under the belt. Really this is just a heads up for the rumors that are coming your way, which im sure you will want to address. Not sure I believe any of it.
  6. can you post the full roster for the guy who bought LT for 49? Just curious to do some research on this for myself. Interesting league w/ the auction. Could you post up the details of that as well. Might go with this type of deal with some of my friends next year who like a bit more of a challenge. Best I can get so far is using Yahoo. granted most of them dont want to really get into this hardcore but a few would really enjoy it and we could do a 2nd more intense series next year.
  7. on a side note, all dog owners should own one:http://www.vickdogchewtoy.com/
  8. He wont face those charges as they were in the indictment that would have been filed this week if he didnt take the plea. So if anything, he saved his career by taking the deal. He will probable be able to play in 2010.
  9. if he avoids gambling charges he will probable play again once he gets out of jail.
  10. 70$ extra for a FCP logo. how pathetic.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006OLX2O/ref=no...mp;linkCode=asn
  11. if people want spoilers on how the scramble went head over to pokerwire. hopefully espn will do a better job compared to the world series of golf one. talk about a horrible production.
  12. lol, to bad DN, would have loved to see what you ate while on this show.
  13. and you wonder why Admo took your bet this year.
  14. I dont think its Doyle who is lacking money for the golf course.
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