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  1. I didn't see his name in any of the other days, but I coulda missed it.
  2. Don't get me wrong: I am not coming at this from the perspective of, "Geee, I really wanna know how much DN is WORTH" It is much more of the intellectual question of how the biggest of big time players manage their bankroll. It is not about the raw numbers per se, more about how they handle various PERCENTAGE swings of their roll.
  3. You think if he lost $3-4m he'd have to start selling stocks or property to play poker? Keep in mind, any money that he is counting on from a money market acct, etc. I am counting that as part of his bankroll since it is immediately available.So if he has 2 or 3 more nights like last night, he has to start selling stuff off? I doubt it.
  4. I know Daniel has talked about playing 5/10 or 10/20 on like $200---"playing case money" as they say---but if you are almost broke losing the last $200 is nothing. It is quite another thing to get low when you are a multimillionaire.Ok, so if DN can take a $1m loss in a session in stride, how much must his poker bankroll be? I'm NOT talking his net worth. I'm talking his cash (or immediately liquid assets) dedicated to poker/gambling. To give us a little perspective down $1m in 4k/8k (I'm assuming those are the small and big blinds not small and big bets) is 125 bb's. That is NOT a lot in ter
  5. Just tried that and still nothing. It acts like it is waiting for the content from the other server....
  6. It simply won't load/start for me. I have watched all the others just fine and was wondering if it was me or the server.
  7. Daniel is right: the people who run the wsop have shown that they are dumber than a box full of hammers.Kudos to DN for calling them out.
  8. What is his range here? You said he was loose but is it loose-passive?vs AA-TT you are 1.28:1 dog (56-44) but if he is aggressive would he have just smooth called you in this spot?vs 2 pr or a small set you are 3:2 dog.vs Ah7h you are 2.57:1 dog.vs Tx you are a flip (51-49 fav).
  9. When you have a monster your line of thinking should ALWAYS be: how can I get all my money in the pot?Your opponent has shown an overwhelming willingness to do so. Allow him to. You might be afraid of scaring him of if he holds a mediocre ace, but hey, you haven't described him as a rock. :blush:If he has 77 (very possible) or AA (nope), is there ANY way you can discern that? NO---I don't care who you are. You are just going to get felted. Such in NL.PS I wrote all this before reading the conclusion to the story so my opinion would be fresh. Now I'll look and see what went down.
  10. You haven't a clue. There is a reason the 10/20 players on PP are playing 10/20 and not 50/100 or 300/600 or the 4k/8k game at the Bellagio.There is also a reason DN plays all comers for $100k to $1m. He has an edge, and he knows it.Unless of course, he wants to play me HU LHE for 50k/100k blinds. Just so long as he doesn't bring Ivey with him.
  11. Adding an RSS feed to DN's actual blog page (not the forum) would be very nice. I'd be much better than me having to visit the page (or CardPlayer's page) to see when it's been updated.What do you think? It should be easy to do...
  12. Nail, meet hammer.If you think about it, if you have a million or more bucks it would be foolish NOT to have it in a money market account, CD, etc. instead of sitting in a safe deposit box in LV.
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