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  1. There is an interesting thread going on on 2+2 currently in which a bunch of the party 10 20 players think that they would run all over the players who play in GSN's High Stakes Poker. I think that this claim is totally ludacrous as the stakes alone would make most of them feel uncomfortable, and as such, effect their play. I was wondering what Daniel's thoughts (or anyone else's really) were on the issue considering that he actually plays in the game. linky
  2. i was playing a 2/4 game on party last night when sn dnegranu sits down. at first i think nothing of it until the guy starts raising and re raising on just about every hand. he blows through his first $100 in about 15 or so hands and rebuys for another $100 (he would do this one more time in the session). at about this time i am starting to remember an article daniel once wrote about how he will sometimes sit down at a lower limit table and raise and reraise on just about every hand. my question is (and hopefully daniel will answer me) was this the real deal holyfield daniel negraneu or ju
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