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Pittsburgh Penguins Thread

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Brag post time. Lots of people saw pictures of Malkin practicing and Fleury in his new pads but I just saw them in person during a closed practice.     I was down at the arena to get my security

Yes I agree that Crosby kids gotta go. Can I interest you in a phaneuf?

JapersRink ‏@JapersRink · 20m Really looking forward to Dan Bylsma being either an idiot who can't win with Sid or a genius who can win without a bottom-6 after tonight.

Huh... Weird. Wonder why the Pens got Arcobello. Won't complain about the depth, but didn't think it was needed.


Cause they are going to play him with Crosby+Malkin. JR is a genious!


In other news, Whalers move up to the #1 spot in the power rankings with this development.

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I don't really see where he fits in. Don't think he's top 6, but he's not much of a bottom sizer either.







I guess he'd fit in for either Downie or Rust. He'd e ok on the third line I guess. They could use some extra scoring skill. Don't care if Downie gets bumped down.


All of this is pretty moot when Comeau and Hornqvist come back.

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This team almost has enough decent forwards (when healthy) now to field four solid possession lines, rather than a typical fourth line of grinders.


Kunitz - Crosby - Perron

Bennett - Malkin - Hornqvist

Spaling - Sutter - Comeau

Downie - Goc - Arcobello


That keeps scrubs like Sill and Adams out of the lineup. Goc and Downie a decently gritty, but have some offensive acumen. Not sure how well Arcobello complements that, but obviously that could get shifted around. Maybe Arcobello just gets waived when everyone else is healthy.

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Boy, I forgot about Pascal Dupuis, but I think he's out for the season.


All of a sudden we have a super deep group of forwards, which was an area that I thought was weak coming in to the season.


Guys like Downie, Comeau, and Spaling have all performed above my expectations, helping to solidify that top 9 considerably. Adding Perron is obviously a big boost on the top end. But also, the emergence of guys like Rust and Farnham as reliable depth players, and the veteran AAAA type guys like Ebbett.


For the first time an ages, this team has a really legit group of top 6 wingers in Perron, Horqvist, Kunitz, and Bennett.

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Did you watch the game?


1. I saw the first period only. There was a play where it seemed like Malkin gained the zone, stopped skating completely, and just kept passing the puck around and the Pens kept control for like 30 seconds with Malkin just standing at the middle of the point. He just kept wiring passes to one side, touch soft passes to the other.....I couldnt believe it, so pretty. I realized after he was just gassed at the end of a shift, but it was something to see. His passing is so underrated, at least by those I read/talk to.


2. Voracek got into a fight? Scuderi? WTF? Missed that

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Rinaldo thinks another suspension could be on its way.

"I changed the whole game, man," Rinaldo said after the game. "Who knows what the game would have been like if I didn't do what I did?"



Yeah, doesn't sound like he's too sorry about the hit. Piece of shit.

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Steve Downie went thru a couple year stage where he was trying to win Lady Byng trophies. He was all changed. Last couple of years though he has upped the goonish meter. The guy can play a little though. Has value

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Yeah... He's a littttttle bit different in that he can actually provide 20 goals (once)... Rinaldo is just a hack. Then he laughed it up after the game, bragged about how his illegal hit changed the whole game, and now apparently the whole fight club style was agreed upon at a team dinner the night before or something. The flyers in general are an embarrassment. A Flyers blogger today even put out a story about how embarrassing Rinaldo is.

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The news is a bit ambigous on the subject.


Reports are that Sidney Crosby is suspended for 1 game. Other reports just state if you miss the ASG you must miss the next league game, so he isnt really suspended but he isnt allowed to play.


However if you are suspended thats a hefty chunk of cash out of pocket, if just not allowed to play you are injured and still get paid?

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