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  1. I would play if you need another team.
  2. Hey Adam, did you watch the last couple Sabres games? How has Catennacci looked? Box score said he got less than 9 minutes of ice time.
  3. Congratulations to the KC Reserves franchise!
  4. If I can't win, and I won't....then I always root for lower seeded teams to win.
  5. So the FCHL trade deadline has come and gone and after the dust has settled I looked at the total INs and OUTs for my BlackDevilHawks. IN: Evgeni Malkin (restricted free agent after this year) T.J.Oshie (signed for one more year at only $2 Matt Niskanen (free agent after this year) OUT: Mike Richards (traded, sucks and a free agent) Chris Kreider (traded, farm) Scott Laughton (traded, farm) Matt Hunwick (released) Zac Dalpe (released) 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks I'm happy with the overall outcome. My team is better and I still have a 1st and 3rd round picks. Curre
  6. They need to not let the team replace the suspended player on the roster. Make them ice one less player. That will stop teams from signing these players.
  7. Kreider was tough to trade, I groomed him on my farm for 5 years.
  8. DaveyG Gets: Malkin (17.25), 10.00 in 2014/15 cap Rich gets: M. Richards (7.25), DaveyG 2015 2nd, DaveyG 2015 3rd, Chris Kreider (farm).
  9. There was a rivalry starting between the wild and Hawks, but they need to meet in the playoffs again to really get it going. Central is a tough division this year.
  10. They look like a goalie jersey I had to wear for soccer as a kid.
  11. http://www.cbssports...totally-radical Funny Video for Toews. Hopefully they have more!
  12. Arp, it's still early! It's like taking a test, I might finish first, but I always wait until someone else hands in their test first.
  13. Broadway killing it in both leagues!
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