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  1. My thoughts on the teams'Jill & Thomas - Thomas was portrayed as a know it all. Didn't see much of it in the 1st leg. We'll see what he's like if they ever run into trouble and are at the back of the packNat & Kat - Easily my favorite team. Very level headed and educated ladies who remained calm and seemed to enjoy the race. Lesbians??? Connor & Jonathan - Cannot and will not root for a team which sings constantly. If they lived in my town we would not be friends. They do seem like nice guys though. Brook & Claire - Brook comments every second she was on screen were very
  2. Bump for Brandon Gormley prediction 2 1/2 years ago. Anyone take him in the FCPHL?
  3. New job. Much busier. 1st time around in months. I figured I'd check in on you guys after Montreal's run I knew the threads would be busy.
  4. 3 posts and the word "diver" was not in any of the posts. I am in shock.Problem is the refs know so he gets no call against him and they are looking for the diving penalty. Good enough for him.He played here on PEI where he was a great player but needs to stick to hockey and stay away from always trying to draw penalties. It shows up the refs and ruins the respect in the game.
  5. Decision on suspension is supposed to be made on Monday
  6. My prediction is the rest of the year and you will see Cormier in the AHL next year.Do I think it is right? No but that is my guess on the suspension to be handed down.
  7. Post # 99 on December 2nd in the Capitals thread he threatened to leave maybe he was serious.
  8. and the Czech Republic because they usually aren't that good. At least not Canada, Sweden, Russia, US good.
  9. Let's just hope they keep it at 1 game a year and not make it 5-20 a year to ruin it.
  10. After the McCabe debaukle in 2006 there shouldn't be.If someone gets hurt pick someone up to fill in for the roll that is lost.
  11. As a Buffalo fan I thought Connolly would be there. Has to be one of the top 3 offensive players for US. At least as an option for the 13th forward.
  12. Too many easy games = easy pickings for Serge for possibly the top 3-4 offensive players on team Canada. I would still not want him on my NHL team (at this point in his career)Big come from behind win for Canada tonight,Hopefully that wakes them up and they play a full 60 minutes in the semis rather than waiting until the 3rd when they are down 2 goals with 10 Mins left.
  13. Can't argue with that. Their D is not that deep.He definitely wouldn't be a lock if he was born in Canada.
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