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  1. Wk1: 211lbs exactly. (Start weight 215.4) Wk2: 211.5lbs Tough week. Hurt my ankle early so couldn't exercise that much. Already started this week better so hoping for a better week!
  2. Week 1 weigh in: 211lbs exactly. (Start weight 215.4) Pleased with that although it's probably mainly water weight lost.
  3. Will be doing my weigh in tomorrow guys
  4. Weighed in at 215.4. Aiming for 190lb ultimately.
  5. Hey guys, can I get in on this? Bit late to the party but only logged on for the first time in months today. Will do an official way in later.
  6. Thanks for reminding me guys. The spreadsheet is updated on my work laptop , which doesn't allow me to access Google sheets. I'll transfer to my iPad this evening so all can view. We can start drafting soon after that.
  7. If Europe loses 28-0 it's going to be really difficult for me to win.
  8. I reckon I could have told you Chris Wood would be last man picked before we even started. They even had him sitting off stage during the opening ceremony yesterday!
  9. Lee Westwood Thomas Pieters
  10. Weighed myself today - 94.1kg. Gaining! Ankle now fixed though so really I'm looking at this as my start weight!
  11. I weighed in at 204.9lb yesterday. Really didn't do much either! Had a scan this afternoon on an ankle injury which I've had for a while which has stopped me doing any cardio. Waiting to hear back on results but that's gonna be a big step in how much exercise I am able to do over the next few weeks.
  12. I feel like I am doing ok so far, not eating perfectly but not snacking too terribly and have managed three gym sessions. Unfortunately I re-injured my ankle a month back and have a scan on Tuesday to see if surgery is required to fix it up - 3rd time in 15 months doing the same injury. As a result I'm doing weights primarily so although I'll lose fat, I may not lose so much weight. In terms of weight loss, high intensity interval training is fantastic for those who can. Do 12x30 intense effort seconds of something that'll get your heart racing - high knees, skipping, star jumps, boxing -
  13. Alrighty, weigh in done. 14st11lbs (207lbs). I'd love to get to 190lbs though three months would be too quick. Realistically, 196lbs I'd take.
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