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Pittsburgh Penguins Thread

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What? They're not the only team with this going around. Hardly fair to blame the medical staff for a highly contagious infectious disease outbreak.


I think it's bigger than the medical staff at this point as management seems be lacking credibility. Here's a good article from last week which spells it out pretty well. http://blogs.post-gazette.com/sports/2013-06-20-18-51-15/empty-netters/43123-penguins-credibility-in-question-12-14-14


Since this article it's been rumored that Maata (who now also has the mumps) reinjured his shoulder which was surgically repaired in the offseason. The original timeline annouced for him to return wasn't until mid November but he started the season. As an isolated incident it can be dismissed but I think the sum of these incidents are concerning.



In happier news... http://penguins.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=744845&camefrom=EMCL_485614_21722448


Mike Lange is the highlight for me.

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Brag post time. Lots of people saw pictures of Malkin practicing and Fleury in his new pads but I just saw them in person during a closed practice.     I was down at the arena to get my security

Yes I agree that Crosby kids gotta go. Can I interest you in a phaneuf?

JapersRink ‏@JapersRink · 20m Really looking forward to Dan Bylsma being either an idiot who can't win with Sid or a genius who can win without a bottom-6 after tonight.

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Its an interesting deal..


He is coming off a career year last year...Not too productive this year, but he is on the crappiest team in league..


He is only 26 and signed for $3.8 for next year as well..


Winger for Crosby?

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Sucks to be Klinkhammer..


10 games ago he goes from a team that is struggling to a contender..Then he goes from a contender to even a worse team than Arizona...

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Winger for somebody. Doubt it matters who.


Sid/Geno/Kunitz/Perron/Bennett....Sutter in the top 6 now.


Hornqvist and Comeau on the shelf. Downie coming back tonight for the 3rd line. Dupuis done for the year, though.


With everyone healthy, you probably see a 3rd line of Sutter/Downie/Bennett, which is pretty awesome. Goc/Adams/whoever as the 4th line. Good stuff.

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