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Protege Live Webcast: Starting Time Changed

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i got media but nothing yet, how long does it take to load/
Was doing the same thing to me. If you use mozilla or a different browser then try running the site using internet explorer. Works fine like that.
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Atleast we had a few moments of zen, and did I hear this Ali character say "welcome to the uranium enrichment seminar."?? Was that his first gig?
Lol that was classic!!!!!!!!! Can someone say politically incorrect...
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Did they cut the sound back off because they said **** on the air??? :club:
no censorship on the interweb
Okay, without sound this is back to boring again.
this sucks
this sucks without sound, I could imagine how funny it would be with the sound back...Daniel messes up again...
ya, someone call Daniel and tell HIM to turn off the mute button.
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