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Protege Live Webcast: Starting Time Changed

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A brilliant deduction. You're a geo-political genius. Check the UN's list of most desirable countries to live, Canada is somewhere near the top of the list. USA, not so much. But I don't want to get the systemic inferiority complex of the average American too worked up. You might go invade a country you should be able to crush only to find yourself losing many many months later to something called an insurgency. Way to spread democracy! Speaking of things not working. Hey how's your unemployment rate doing? Our's is the lowest in the post war era. And no I'm not talking about the gulf 'war' or the Iraq 'war' I'm talking about World War II. You know the war we helped to win but hey it was nice of you guys to show up late to help clean up the mess. Don't talk to me about things no working in Canada. That's got to be the worst case of the kettle calling the pot black ever. And if you don't believe me, just ask African American voters in Florida.well you're ugly

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