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  1. I think they should have consulted live@thebike who broadcasts live games every day.
  2. It probably makes them look almost as bad as the people from Stacked. Bad luck in business choices I guess.
  3. Atleast we had a few moments of zen, and did I hear this Ali character say "welcome to the uranium enrichment seminar."?? Was that his first gig?
  4. Definately add the no peak rule for the dealer, it is real easy to follow and avoids legitimacy issues if the players get allin on the flop or turn. The players who put their money in the pot have the right to see the cards just as early as everybody else. Have you purchased any cut cards? If not, I would use a joker from an off color deck as a cut card to guard against dealers accidentally exposing the bottom card.You should also probably make clear whether players who are allin before the river card must turn over their cards before the last card(s) come. I believe in many casinos that y
  5. I always make moves like that on peeps with 5x the max buyin, cuz those bastards just got lucky to win and never have anything.
  6. Up 1800 from a hundo but have cashed it all out. Despite this, I cheer on all the other soldiers in the FCP army who are crushing the OnGame network, I hope ther winner of the 5 mil tourney is from FCP.for bonuses I suggest learning and playing pot limit omaha, pot sizes are regularly very large.
  7. Mercury 69, here are a couple articles from publications that even the staunchest right wingers will read.washington times articlefox news articleand some from more liberal papers.washpost articlenytimes articleI encourage you and Balloon guy to consider each of these and formulate your own opinion, as these are news articles. I observed that on the fox news site i had to look to the fourth or fifth column in the non-headline news section whereas all other publications thought this story worthy of a headline. The washington times article vindicates Bush by saying that the information leaked
  8. The new java updates made overnight are pretty nice, a better setup for table descriptions in tourneys and the percentages for allin hands are a nice addition. Also the ability to take notes and profile players makes this software much better than it was. Keep up the good work.
  9. I use a mac and have played on FCP since January. I just noticed today after the software updates that I have to affirm the security of the java applet but I believe it is legit. I haven't seen this for any other java based game so I look forward to a response form FCP_info about this.
  10. I ain't a big expert on the trials and tribulations of Mr. Boyd, but I saw his performance in the Razz event at WSOP 2004 against Cloutier and Lederer and I think even Fischman was acknowledging that Boyd was playing like a donkey. This I believe was before any mentall illness came up.
  11. Why is FCP having such regular network maintenance updates for its network, will they likely be less often in the future or should we expect them at the current regularity?
  12. Let's try thisThe burnout actor and loser at life:As the burnout crew member and loser at life:
  13. He's on the run from the corporation with Goose Hinson
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