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  1. Jimmy is the only player who had to play live to get a seat... good luck to him
  2. I wanted to see something before i go to work... so much for that....
  3. Daniel and his counterpart are getting a little too friendly...
  4. Hey Daniel – Hello from Toronto Maple Leaf country. I’m sending this note because I heard rumors that you were supporting the national poker tour and not the red hot poker tour, I just can’t imagine this would be true, but I need to know. I’ve played on both, and National is a joke (they don’t know poker at all, there are fights at their events, and all their prizes seem to be bogus). Red Hot was the first and has always been the best. I was at the Maddy when you talked about getting more Canadians on tour, if you are serious, the only tour in Toronto to support is Red Hot. I’d love to hea
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