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  1. So basically they are all zombies and once they "die" they become a zombie? Is that the whole thing?
  2. Has anyone been able to find a video of the incident? The only one I found on youtube is a highlight of it. That's the only thing, I wanted to see what exactly the guys were talking about but couldn't find it
  3. After hearing about it for so long and with the movie coming out soon, I finally bought The Hunger Games on Friday and had it done by last night. It was very good and very easy to read (aprox 350 pages). I'm looking forward to picking up the rest of the series.
  4. I want to give up on this show, but I'm going to have to DVR it and watch it tomorrow
  5. Ha I thought the same thing when it happened. Great game today though
  6. If I'm not mistaken (It's been a few years) but I think the original DS allowed you to play some games with limited multiplayer (ex: only certain maps could be played with 1 copy) but you could race with only 1 copy of the game. But I have no idea how the 3DS works
  7. It was $70 over the summer. A friend of mine bought it and I borrowed it from him. I watched Season 1 and 2 on HBO Go the rest on the DVDs. They had some special features but I didn't watch any of them. But if you haven't seen the show, I'd say its a great investment of time and money even for $100.
  8. How is the kid 100% back already too? He was basically on the verge of dying and next thing you know he is up and wants to shoot guns etc.? This season has been very boring.
  9. I have Battlefield also for PS3. I have been a huge BF fan going back to BF 1942 and I really love what they've done with BF3. The online multiplayer is very good. The singe player is very similar to any of the CoD Modern Warfare ones. I'm playing it just because, but it's nothing special so far
  10. Does anyone have somewhere to watch the first 2 seasons online other then HBO Go? HBO Go doesn't work with Cablevision and I'm looking for the first 2 seasons without downloading torrents
  11. If anything there are too many articles coming out that are too long because I can't keep up lol
  12. The only complaint I have is that they didn't show any of the battle scene. One of the reviews I read said that its possible since its a on a TV budget, setting up an entire battle would have been a stretch if they couldn't do it the right way. It just kind of jumped and they were like look who we captured. As someone who never read the books I was very surprised this episode
  13. I have the game and I liked it, but I think I hit the point where I don't care that much about the story anymore. I kept waiting for something to happen, there was a little twist, and then I got bored of it again.
  14. Am I the only one who doesn't like the layout of the site? It looks like it was made on a free template. But I really like the articles so far
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