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  1. Hello Canadian men, just dropping in to say thanks again for all your advice and help about my trip. I had a really wonderful time in Canada. Your people were super nice to me and I did all the things I wanted to. I cheered the Habs on to victory, and the Bluejays too. I got a cute Bluejays jersey and I took this picture of the Habs game for y'all: In Toronto I did a ton of stuff. My favourite things were probably going out at night in Kensington Market, cycling around the Islands on a sunny day, and eating unlimited hot dogs and nachos at the Bluejays game. Thanks again to everyo
  2. Congrats, dude. PM me a baby pic if you're cool. I'm going by rail between all my destinations. 3 journeys and I'm only paying 100 bucks - pretty awesome value, plus trains are nicer, smoother, more punctual and more scenic than buses in general. Love train travel. Whoever dissed Ottawa: I'm only staying there for two full days, but I'm pretty psyched for it. I'm meeting up with an old friend there, plus I have now met the Speaker of your House of Com mons and his office are going to give me a little hospitality while I'm there, so it should be a great time. I am a Par lia ment ge
  3. Not facetious, I am genuinely ignorant about Toronto. Never been to Canada before. Re: Yorkville, I dig cool jazz clubs, that sounds right up my alley. p.s. hey MDG, what's up? You got kids now?
  4. Lol. If Zach wants a reference he can ask strategy/InternetExplorer. He's my ex-boyfriend. Man, I love me some Taco Bell. I feel like you can't go to fast food joints in town most places though? Maybe I'm wrong but I'm used to Taco Bells as drive thrus and I don't drive.
  5. Sweet, I will for sure watch the Bourdain video. I'll be staying just off Clarence Square, very close to the CN Tower. No car, I'll be relying on public transport. In terms of stuff I like: local/craft beers, food markets, vintagey stuff, nature/beauty spots, independent cafes and coffee shops, quirky stuff, food in general (nb: I'm vegetarian). I'd like to go places that locals go to rather than just touristy places, and it would be good to know places where I can go chill and read a book or something if I get tired of wandering around. Definitely want to visit all these different ethnic
  6. I just want something nice and fitted (for ladies) that has the cute bird logo on it. Such a girl. Thanks for the advice y'all, I bought my ticket for the "Habs" today, $50 and not far from the centre line (but high up). Happy with that outcome! If any Torontonians or whatever the word is want to recommend me some cool place to go, feel free to shoot me a PM with your tips, it would be much appreciated. I'm there for a week so I've got time to do less touristy thing, explore neighbourhoods etc.
  7. Thanks, yes I am from London, England. Once a Canadian friend of mine told me she was going to London and I got all excited that we could hang out. That's how I learned about London, Ontario. I already got my ticket for the Jays game yesterday, I could have gotten it super cheap but I wanted all that food. I also want to buy a Bluejays shirt while I'm out there but I read that it's much cheaper to get one in Target so I guess I'll have to try to get to one on public transport. Looks like it'll be 2 buses, 1 hour to get there from my hostel, damn it. The hockey game will be pre-season i
  8. The 'grand slam combo' means you pay extra and you get unlimited hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, soft drink and apples. Yes, apples. I don't think they do it very often, but I read about it on a few blogs and it sounded good to me. I love ballpark food. Thanks for the insight guys, sounds like Montreal is a winner if I can get affordable tickets. I looked on stubhub earlier and it seemed cheaper than the Leafs but now I am doubting my research...
  9. Hi internet hockey men from Canada. Can I ask you a question? I'm heading to Canada in a few weeks to do a little travelling (Quebec City - Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto). I'd like to see a hockey game while I'm over there. Maple Leafs is too expensive for my taste, but I have options to see Mont. Canadiens vs. Ott. Senators (in Ottawa) or Mont. Canadiens vs NJ Devils (in Montreal). Can anyone recommend which game would be better to watch, and whether it matters where my seats are? Thank you in advance if anyone gives me advice. Unrelated note: I'm going to a Bluejays game when I'm i
  10. I was surprised at this elimination, it was clearly just a bad week for him. I think had the judges kept their save and used it on him he mighta gone on to win. That said, **** changing the words to "He's all I need" etc. Get your Godloving off my ****ing screen. Go pray and cry with that little blonde girl from the X Factor (Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DOEtfhUU-M). Christians are not the underdog, it's not some huge ****in deal for you to "come out" as Christian on TV and dedicate all your lameass ballads to "Him". Argrghrgrh.The judges are unduly harsh on Elise and I think tha
  11. I have the fine-drawn face of an intelligent Jewess.
  12. A-het-hem: you rang?Case Study:Once I was in da club with my friend and she was chatting to a real loser. This situation led to me sitting next to the loser's workmate, who was actually pretty cute and normal-seeming; score for me. We had a good chat, he pretended to be interested in my embroidery, I pretended to care about his shitty job, and at the end of the night he asked for my email address (oh our modern world). I went to write it down, but then he gave me his instead. I got home, googled-stalked the heck out of him, looked at his MySpace etc, and nothing off-putting came up. But I had
  13. They strayed really far from what made the show great in the first place. Like early in the first season when the chemistry was building between Rachel and Finn and she spoke out at the Chastity Club about how F'ed up it was. Then suddenly the next season she is being a huge prude about sex, they even made her wear a ridiculous long seventies dress in the house party episode... they just sucked all the fun out of that. I agree too about too many "issues" and taboos etc. The first few episodes dealt with little issues like crushes, sexuality, identity etc but they weren't all overcoming shit ev
  14. I thought it was really weak that they put Quinn in a wheelchair. For one thing a death would have been brave.For another thing she didn't even look scratched up.For another another thing she didn't even seem affected by it, and she has historically been the most negative, cynical person in the show. The only character I really enjoy these days is Blaine, and he is by far the best performer.The Finn/Rachel storyline has gone down the pan. Mercedes/Sam was never interesting. Things generally got a bit too serious and too coupley.Wondering what the new group will be like when this lot graduate..
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