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  1. So, let me get this straight...You think the people that say "all he does is win" are under the impression that he's going to go undefeated the rest of this career? LOLStick to basketball bro, I don't think football is your thing.BTW, do me a fav and send me a PM reminding me when a team is going to be playing for a 3rd straight day...I want to get in on it with you.Oh man, I'm getting a boner just thinking about the piles of cash were going to make together.
  2. i know its a long shot and probably wont happen but you still shouldnt be wishing me luck! if that parlay hits that means bears lose.
  3. its gonna be tough but if i had to guess the outcome, i would have to go with the packers....not becuase i think theyre better, but because of favre!i have a buddy who is from wisconsin and a huge packers fan...during the falcons/packers game i texted him this:"congrats, not only will you make the SB, but you guys will probably win it...everything that has gone wrong for favre this season has happened...packers winning the SB is the final nail in his football coffin."he responds with:"ya, and imagine if its against the jets, even worse!"i was like..."oh snap, youre right...im gonna do a jets/p
  4. lol...yesterday, during the beatdown the packers were giving the falcons, i remembered that exact post and i was like, "omg its going to be a bears packers championship game"then i was like..."i should go quote that post and poke fun at myself before BigD posts another Jay Z reaction pic"(preemtive strike)then i was like "forget it, that post was waaay in the begining of the season, he wont remember it"today, i come in here and i'm like "fuck"
  5. congrats on beating a team that wasnt starting a 3rd string QB! :Pkidding aside, ill admit i was wrong about you guys... LMAO
  6. lol BigD, im not pretending...the only time ive rooted against the bears is when both the vikings and bears are in a div/wc race or if the bears are playing the vikings...
  7. i dont know, just went thru my rescent posts, not sure where i sound sour...(unless you consider me defending my post agasinst your "sick read" comments sour)
  8. im not sour at all, the bears winning doesnt upset me.
  9. knowing my luck, thats exaclty whats going to happen.
  10. no, they have been a hell of a lot more than "lucky"to make you guys feel better, i will say this:if i had know the bears would have no injuries thru that stretch, and that they would play teams playing their 3rd string QBs and such, i never wouldve said "they will be lucky to go 3-5"
  11. youre right, you can only beat who they put in front of you...i have nothing against the bears, i know it looks like that because i keep calling you guys lucky...but the only reason i keep bringing up your luck is because bigD keeps throwing his "sick read" comments at me...ill be rooting for you guys if you guys are playing either against the patriots or saints, other than that i could care less if you guys win or lose.
  12. favre played for 1 quarteryes, i would have prefered henne or pennington lolkeep skipping? go check the last post before this post i said "a rare good win for the bears"lions dont win ever?? lmao thats why they beat you guys in Chicago and had their win taken away because of the way the rule was worded in the rule book( the nfl is looking into changing the way thta rule is worded because of that specific play mind you)as far as the 2nd game vs the lions, you guys barely beat them in a 4th quarter comeback when it was their 3rd strings QBs 1st gamelike i told BigD, its easy to stop AP when our
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