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  1. Amen, this is exactly how I feel about celebrity's or "well known" people. You couldn't have described it better Daniel. Great blog.
  2. Well, the point is to improve my winrate...I dont see how anyone expects to coach me and not see any improvement. On top of that, I said im very flexible with the compensation, Im looking to become a better player, and if my winrate improves greatly I would have no problem compensating someone generously for their efforts. Thanks for making a joke of what I take seriously though.
  3. I realize that having played enough 1/2 now. But back then a casino setting was new to me and I wasnt willing to lose all the money that I came with. I just wanted to get used to playing live, thats all.
  4. Daniels decision to move from a written to video blog has been the greatest new addition to the site. His video blogs seem more interesting to watch, very entertaining and insightful to his life as a player. I feel like he doesnt try TOO HARD on these blogs and speaks in a very casual sort of way, but still says what he is trying to say in a clear manner. Daniel, if you happen to see this post, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, IM HAVING A BLAST WATCHING YOUR DIARY! Also, props to the camera man and the editor.
  5. jimmys the man I think he got the msot heart out of all the players on the table.
  6. it couldnt be because he cursed cause daniel himself said oh **** earlier in the post production rehearsal so if he wants to show that hes not a hypocrit then he'd let it slide.
  7. i just heard something for a second and then it got cut off again....
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