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  1. What about Full Contact? Are they remaining open to U.S. customers?
  2. Are there any new poker movies coming out that anyone knows of? I really wish they would do a sequel to Rounders. That movie is awesome!
  3. Not working for me either. I think the URL is wrong.
  4. Could we at least have closed captioning for the hearing impaired?LOL
  5. Hey, my audio is gone! This was too funny. Give me my audio!!! LOL
  6. I just got sound for 1/2 a second and then it stopped. Grrrrr.
  7. Mine is playing. It shows Daniel and two others sitting at a counter chatting but I have no sound.
  8. It seems like it's starting to work now. Mine is loading.
  9. I feel sorry for her, she looks like she's crying. It's hard to tell because the picture is so small.(just kidding) This is frustrating. I think I've hit "refresh" more today than all the times since I've used my pc since it's purchase. (LOL)
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