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  1. I've had shit luck depositing on Carbon
  2. . Give it some time. Hate to sound cliche but there's always sunshine after the rain lol there's no way Americans will just get shafted like this. Hope it won't be long but I'm absolutely certain one day we will all be back in business.
  3. crazy theory that could very well be true. I kinda think like you do except I don't think we will see online versions of B&M Casinos rather just one huge government run site where winnings are automatically taxed.. Doesn't matter though. It won't be the same never being on the largest network of the world. One of the most beautiful parts of playing cards is getting to play with people from everywhere. Sigh
  4. well if the DoJ will be busy assraping Tilt & Stars I say Bodog will be safe for at least a little while so I'll probably try it out. I'm too much of a fiend not to deposit anyway.
  5. wow did anybody just see Negreanu's bustout hand in the 10k?PokerStars Game #44207287107: Tournament #2010050383, $10000+$300 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XIV (400/800) - 2010/05/16 23:47:39 CT [2010/05/17 0:47:39 ET]Table '2010050383 2' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: MiniTilt (29797 in chips) Seat 2: KidPoker (34645 in chips) Seat 3: myzikant (24549 in chips) Seat 4: WhooooKidd (73776 in chips) Seat 5: apestyles (20726 in chips) Seat 6: tjbentham (63250 in chips) Seat 7: giRL90ihqdaa (81895 in chips) Seat 8: HundoFight (75481 in chips) Seat 9: Believer82 (52683 in chips) MiniTilt: posts t
  6. Hell yeah that's what pokers all about; figuring out how to beat it YOUR way. Nice commercial.
  7. Damn such a sick takedown. Just read the news so I had to come over here immed and extend my congratulations as well.More proof that if you put in your time, stay positive, and work hard then great things are bound to happen. Congrats again mayne!
  8. Full Tilt Poker Game #11973130380: $7,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) (89545980), Table 40 - 12000/24000 Ante 3000 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:13:48 ET - 2009/05/01Seat 1: Pryme (342,452)Seat 2: p0k3rdaddy (543,066)Seat 3: Bobby Hutton (448,311)Seat 6: Christoph Veres (848,523)Seat 7: KidMicke (397,683)Seat 9: dbjoe (1,583,965)Pryme antes 3,000p0k3rdaddy antes 3,000Bobby Hutton antes 3,000Christoph Veres antes 3,000KidMicke antes 3,000dbjoe antes 3,000Christoph Veres posts the small blind of 12,000KidMicke posts the big blind of 24,000The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Pryme [4d 4h]dbjoe fol
  9. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSN is Prymesitting 3/8
  10. Where did I attack GWC? I simply offered a response as to why I feel the way that I do. He just called me a bitch and I'm the one coming off bad?I wasn't gonna say much because I didn't want this to be a bigger deal then it had to be. I'm already over it and I'm moving on but when I saw he posted an essay I figured I'd at least respond since he took the time to write it.
  11. lol figured you'd come back with a response like this. Go ahead and look at the actual hand. Any good player would agree with my play. Folding would be terrible. Smooth calling the BB's all in would be worse since it invites you to come along with your junk and outflop me for a cheap price so shoving was the only play. Yet you decided to still call with your BS in hopes of getting lucky. If you had a real hand then I'd bow out like a man and accept my loss. But for you to cold call 75 BB's with Q9o and donk me out of a $100 buy-in WSOP satty is just flat out bullshit. ESPECIALLY because you ha
  12. congrats vtlax! always good to see an FCPer doing well.
  13. Yeah man I remember that week and it pissed me off that I missed it. An old friend of mine actually visited from out of town unexpectedly and I went with him to buy some food. It was an honest mistake but oh well
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