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  1. Man look at your signature and your avatar....What do you expect ppl to think? your a pimp?
  2. Did anyone else think this said raping at first?
  3. nobodys mentioned Jennifer Titties yet?I dont know how Phil Laak puts up with it
  4. awesome I never see Ivey playing on Full Tilt
  5. Ya why have Joe on your face when you could have Greg on your face?
  6. wow looks like your doing good, keep it up
  7. or 2 hands Ive had Royals on
  8. I hope hes not talking preflop
  9. OOPS my mistake typo, 05 WSOP
  10. Where are you getting this from?Right before the 07 WSOP Phil Gordon made a bunch of picks who he thought had the best chance of winning the ME in bluff magazine.One of his picks was Huck Seed because of his great endurance and stamina.
  11. He was also on poker superstars 2
  12. He took it down after deciding to quit last week.This is just another post hoping he will see it and consider keeping it going, I know I'm not the only one, so show your support.
  13. Last year Phil Helmuth was given the worst odds and ended up winning it.
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