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  1. mrfrankhg

    It's Hot.

    I know how you feel buddy, currently 106 here in Phoenix and we have a forecasted high of 110 for the day. Last week we had a day where we hit 115. I thought I was truly going to die. Twenty five years old and lived here everyday of my life and I'll tell you... you NEVER get used to it!BTW, I tried to eat a popsicle yesterday. I got it out of the freezer walked to my car and turned it on and opened it up, and it was no longer a popsicle but a drink.
  2. I love the circuit. Matusow is great for tv but was terrible for radio IMO. Gavin is the nuts though.BTW, that call was me the other day, (on a dare) "Tyrone" who called up and said I traded Sebok for Olga Varkonyi and a can of Chef Boyardee. I called in today again on another dare so we'll see if my call makes it...
  3. DanielForrest BenyamineIveyNot exactly in that order. I think the dark horse is surely Benyamine.
  4. Ok... will you still hold me though?
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=00W7TaEr-E8&sea...ite%20collision
  6. I say you go with Zeus. I used to know a guy named Zeus. He was 100 percent man. He built his house in northern Arizona with his bare hands. This guy is 6'5 250 lbs of pure muscle and has never called anyone to fix anything for him in his life. So one day we're over at his house and someone asks him what kind of music he liked. He said techno. Everyone laughed at him and his man points went down quite a bit. Someone asked him why and he replied "BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE WORDS..." We now think of him as God himself.
  7. Sorry about the size.Discuss.
  8. HEY! That's Kate, from katesplayground! www.katesplayground.com <------- NOT WORKSAFE! Just go to www.thatvideosite.com and search "kate" and you'll find videos 10 times better than that. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. However word is she's got a deformed foot. I wiki'd her..."She appears to have a deformed right foot. This has been neither confirmed nor denied by the model, but has become the source of widespread debate among her fans. The fans that have seen the pictures of her right foot describe it as 'hoof' like, as it appears to have only 2 toes joined. If she indeed has
  9. Yeah, I work at a hospital though. 4500 employees. The parking lot is actually a garage 6 floors high so patients park there too. I asked around in my department, but no one lost any. Could've even been a patient. Not much I could do, so I'm spending it.
  10. mrfrankhg

    I Like Money

    I woke up extra early this morning to be at work at 5 am. When I got there I got the "good parking spot" so I was pumped. I get out of my car and on the ground I see money. I pick it up and it's $350.00 folded up real small. Guess the early bird does catch the worm. Just had to share.Anyone else ever have a similar experience? What'd you do with it? (I'm buying a PSP tonight).
  11. Ok, I just glanced over the title and I thought it said Mexican Poker. I was wrong. Mexican poker is awesome.Anyway, since I opened the thread I figured I might as well read it. I actually completely agree with ricker.
  12. LOL @ E-Train. Good list Dutch. 100% true.
  13. MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT! Oh well, we just don't notice stuff like that. Or care either, for that matter. As long as she has 2 nipples we'll take it.
  14. This is just a sad story. He appeared to be one of the most wholesome guys out there. What's next? LeBron kills a whole mess of kids?
  15. Upon second listening of the song I agree with you. Statement retracted.
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