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  1. I'm wondering if the QT hand in the FT of the shootout had an affect in DN making this call. Seems strange he would call off all his money with a pair and gutterball. Only beat a draw. Anyone know how much DN had left in his stack? Was he pot stuck?
  2. SSIIDN wrote the chapter. This is my first time saying it "Daniel will make top 3" in this tourney. Just a hunch, I really think he'll do well here. DN vs Juanda headsup in the final. lol.I REALLY mean it. (*_*)
  3. Anthony, good luck in the upcoming events dude. You're burning up the buy ins playing the WSOP. Go practice more at the Venetian double stacks. Seeing your HH's it's obvious you don't have the game. Your thinking process is also way off IMO. Play more ABC, you are getting into big pots with very marginal hands.I hope to see more color in your personality. The interviews and your presence seems real boring. Sorry for being harsh, being that I'm Asian I'd like to see you do well. Don't be a typical nerdy Asian kid, talk more to some of DN's friends if you get a chance. Listen to their w
  4. Better luck next time Anthony.From the hands you posted, it seems like you are playing alot of big pots with marginal hands. Also calling raises with double gap connectors. If you are good enough to play those hands and able to get away with then its cool. Good luck!
  5. For Canadians, is Western Union the best way to get money in and out?Haven't touched my online balance since the Neteller debacle.
  6. Easily! for 100k almost anyone can. For Mike though... hmm... 100k might not see that much to him.
  7. Players like Huck Seed llike to look at the bottom left corner first and squeezing. No more squeezing now.Mind boggling how stupid these supposedly great business men are.
  8. A sucker is born every minute. Pay the man his money.I used to play pool and hustle a lot. If you see a mark, you take it down. If you don’t, another shark will. Happens every day in pool halls, Wall Street, casinos etc…This was set up nicely and Ivey was going through the motions. Ram had no chance, he continued because of stupidity, mad tilt and stubbornness. Ivey just showed that he’s a classless poker celebrity and really doesn’t care how he’s being portrayed. Hey, who gives a s.h.it “all about getting paid biatch!” Ivey “the hustler” pwned Ram but may have burned a lot of bridges.
  9. That hand wasn't that difficult. Pretty easy to put the kid on a set there.The impressive hands are when he floats and takes the pot on the turn with nothing. Couple good hands on Poker at the Plaza show, he played one real good against Gavin. Gavin put out a blocker on the turn and DN read him perfect as semi weak, popped it and took it down. That was pure poker.
  10. Bax was there too, so actually 3 pro's!I agree partially with your statement but too many pro's can be too much also. You notice how Bax was quitely sitting there and not interrupting in the early segments. Some guys just can't shut up and love to hog the mic. I think the show could work even with just the one pro and guest. NOT ALL but some of the early shows with only Matusow were entertaining also.I think the hard part would be actually finding a recognized pro who is willing to give up their time and do it consistently. DN would be great but no way he'll do it at every tournament stop
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