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  1. Congrats guys. Good years all around. Unsure of who to vote for.
  2. I fail to see the appeal of Cain. Ive watched 4 or 5 of these debates so far and just by going off the debates the only thing you get from him is 999. Every question is just answered by him trying to find the quickest way to work in 999.And the same could be said about Bachmann and Obamacare. All her answers conclude with obamacare being horrible.
  3. I think its fair to ignore someones faith when you have other things to evaluate how well they would do in office. Non-believers would have no one to vote for in American politics if we never supported anyone with faith. Speaking for myself, knowing nothing about a candidate except their religion Id rather vote for an atheist over a Protestant and a Protestant over a Mormon, but once Huntsman answers questions about evolution and climate change in a fashion that seems much more secular and in our opinion reasonable than a Bachman, Perry or Palin does then yeah his faith becomes much much less
  4. This has nothing to do with lying and hypocrisy. If anything I feel like Huntsman is more honest cause he isn't pandering to the Religious Right like Perry is even though it will likely hurt him in the primary. You can believe in God and still understand science. Its just not something that I would typically associate as much with someone from such a conservative faith so that when a Mormon candidate comes along and seems to grasp science its refreshing and surprising to me. And in terms of mocking religious beliefs I don't care about any liberal bent or whatever I just have a lot more intelle
  5. Meh all religions are equally crazy imo, Mormonism is just newer so there has been less time for the crazy to become more mainstream or normal. Some religions are more harmful than others(Id say that Mormonism is about as harmful as being an Evanglical, basically only behind Islam in terms of the larger more prominent religions), but they all seem nutty. From what it seems his religion will not negatively get in the way as much as most of the other candidates that have what most people would consider less radical religious beliefs.The Huntsman interview was short, but he gave great answers, se
  6. How does Houston make that list? Ive never been(haven't been to any on the list ), but have never heard anything but terrible things about Houston.
  7. The Doc is pretty good. Tillman was an interesting dude.
  8. Also for anecdotal evidence against BGs theory that voters for a 3rd mostly Libertarian party would just consist of people that would normally vote Republican I would like to say that if I was eligible I would have voted for, and likely heavily supported, Obama in 2008 and most Democrats in 2010, but I would prefer to have Gary Johnson the US president over Obama in 2012. I wouldn't consider myself to belong to any party though.
  9. This is really where I come in as well. I really like Johnson, but on its own I dislike privatized prisons in most cases too. I think the bigger difference would be incentives to rehabilitate the prison population rather than an increase in time served though. As has been pointed out ITT there are financial incentives for groups involved in both public and private prisons to increase sentence lengths so I think it would mostly cancel each other out. With greater government involvement I would guess there would be a greater emphasis on rehabilitation though.That said with no war on drugs I fee
  10. Basically down to the wire for me on Monday deciding who to vote for. Only had it narrowed down to Conservatives, Liberals and Green. Ultimately after cramming on the MP candidates in my region I decided to be one of the relatively few new Liberal voters.Overall I'm mostly nervous or disappointed in the election results. I'm nervous about a Conservative majority. I'm mostly good with their stances on economic issues, but am worried about what they could do on other issues. I'm disappointed in the NDP jump. They are too socialist for me and I realize that people seem to love Layton and hate Ign
  11. I don't think they necessarily feel that they deserved it and the article didn't come off that way to me anyways. The fact that the tornadoes did happen in that area of the USA adds another interesting layer to the story. The disaster is more likely to have a silver lining(for climate change believers anyways) because of where it is. Maybe some people after experiencing some first hand evidence of what could be considered climate change will lead them to do more research on the issue and possibly reconsider their opinion on the matter even if the storms are still just fairly weak and anecdotal
  12. I'm really liking the show so far and have followed along pretty well from help from hbo and the 2+2 spoiler free thread. I'm not reading all the posts here because too many seem borderline spoilers with book stuff. Ill probably pick up the first book for my next read.Also wondering when Carcetti will show up. Don't answer this if you've read the books I don't want spoilers.
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