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  1. thanks. puts me at ease.going to buy a 52 inch LCD...Any suggestions on best for the price? Costco Visio?
  2. I wanted to take some money out of my full tilt account and tried to wire transfer it but they have this block on wire tranfers. So I sent in my ID info and they cleared my withdrawal by check option. I ran good for 2 night. $100.00 to 4k. all cash games. wanted to get some out. Question is How long does it take to get my check? They say 15 buisness days? Accurate? Is there another way other then checks?When I cash the check I will wear a nice sweater and take a picture holding my monies and post it.
  3. they do this also in Luxor 50$ buy in
  4. favorite hand is 10 7 Off Suitwhy is that? what the story behind it?
  5. I was talking to one of my friends who plays poker(vegas, home games, and alittle online) and he told me he saw DN on TV and liked how he played. I then said something like..oh yeah he just got divorced...He was like really? You know way too much about the dude. I told him anyone that reads his blogs would know. I also told him..Did you also know he was a vegetarian?What are some things you know about DN that is considered "knowing too much about a person without knowing him"
  6. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry1941074
  7. Mike Matasows's cardplayer show is interesting"you think my *** hurt last week. it hurts more this week""peak aboo? you mean peak aboo i cant fukcing see you cards"Any chance he's gonna lose 50 pounds in one year? 100k bet with Ted Forrest he can get down to 180lbs.he's up 1.2 mill in 3 weeks? online or live?
  8. OH he will play BJ again...He takes a bad beat in poker and starts to say sh*t and all that and a thought comes to his head......"i'll get it back in BlackJack" or...If I win a few hands in BJ..I can buy into that tourney for free....Then you are sitting there with 2 face cards for 20 and then the dealer who was showing a 4 somehow hits a 4 card 21. WTF? Then the next hand you get another 20 and you push. "I should have won those 2 hands...F#CK"the killer part is when you have BJ and the dealer showing a face card also get BJ without even offering you insurance to get even money on a BIG bet.
  9. friend of a friend of mine laid 1500$ on GS to win series....i wonder what were the odds before they started...only if i had that much cash to blow... i bet he was shiitting in his pants when Dallas came back in game 5
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070426/ap_on_...ternet_gamblingWe got barney fighting for us..great argument ."one of the stupidest things I ever saw"Great...lol
  11. in exchange for the burgers..he gave you that sweater?....not a good way to treat your brothers
  12. When Ivey Lost that big hand against PA...and that Gator dude talking about winning it back on the golf course during the hand...was that before or after the 1.8 mill golf game between Ivey and Ram...and probably that Gator dude was a friend of Rams and was teasing Ivey ...THATS WHY IVEY LEFT AND DIDNT COME BACK>>OHHHHHHHHHH
  13. was this picture actually in a cardplayer mag or just on the website??....nice full tilt nipples...but the zits on the tits??
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