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  1. This place crosses me as a little immature... Anyway, I said what I wanted - and that's pretty much all I wanted; to just say this guy amazes me when I do have poker on. And when I googled his name, this is the place that came up, so I thought I'd post it here (didn't actually expect he'd be on the board, though).Anyway, adios. Not much else to say.
  2. Well to be fair, during the same show you got bluffed by some other guy who didn't have anything. I think you said something along the lines of "I bet it'd be cool to double off me, huh?", because he was talking about how he was a little star struck. he did end up doubling cause you folded. But still, whenever poker is on and I'm paying attention to (it's right beside my computer, so I hear everything and if it's interesting I do sit back and watch a bit) I've never seen anyone so on top of the game.I watch other guys try to get all smart and clever and they always fail completely at it. I sup
  3. He's also a TKD black-belt and tournament champion.
  4. Because I don't watch TV to watch TV. I turn the TV on and ESPN is on, so I leave it. I just have it on in the background when I'm doing other stuff.And errr... Asking questions is how you learn stuff. I may not care much about poker. But I am interested in how this guy is so gifted in reading cards so well.
  5. Joe Rogan is a bit of a dumbass. I wouldn't take much of what he says to mean anything.
  6. Ok - I really don't care about poker at all.But there's one guy who baffles me. I have watched those poker games on ESPN, and I'm currently watching one now.Daniel seems to always know what his opponent has. I'm completely baffled how he does it... And he even explains it to the person. I've watched two hands he was involved in now, where he knew EXACTLY what the guy had. He even called it out loud... He just tells him - "two Aces, huh?" when the guy makes his call.Just now some young guy raises after all the cards have been placed down (the 5 cards), and Daniel looks funny at him and laughs a
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