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  1. Ok, so Peppermill for basketball bets, Atlantis & El Dorado for cards. Sounds like a plan. Trip report next week once the dust settles. Any other highlights I need to hit?
  2. Nice. I'll check it out. Wow, that's kinda scary about the biker convention. If there's any HA members at my table I'm getting up immediately. I tend to antagonize a little bit while I'm gambling (good-natured ribbing), and I don't want to run the risk of saying the wrong thing.
  3. Hey gang, incredibly long time since I posted but I thought you guys could help me out on something. I'm headed to Reno Wednesday - Saturday for some NCAA tourney betting and I'd like to spend a good chunk of time in card rooms. Any suggestions on the best spots to play? I'll trip report when I get back, and trust me it'll be a good one. Going with some maniacs and planning on a Big Lebowski costume, disco karaoke and bluffing blue hairs while rocking a leisure suit.
  4. 1-2/2-2 games are so bizarre I really can't see raising pre-flop from the blind here, unless you're actually going to shove. Guys at my room limp huge and call wide. A forty dollar raise could see three callers and put you in a horrible spot post when any over hits. With 9-9 you have to dodge too much of the board to play well post-flop. That said, with 99 and that stack, you could make it 55 pre flop and put the other 80 in post.Pre-flop is going to get a lot of back and forth from the different camps, but I think there's only one flop play for you and that's a check-shove. You've got a bet a
  5. I hope it is. Everytime he raises: "Did I stutter? Minute ago it was like a poker room up in this ************. Now it's quiet as a church."
  6. That turn's a really good card to bet, imo. It shouldn't hit anything he's just calling with and it allows you to continue repping a large hand. In my mind, if you fire the flop you have to fire that turn. If you're not comfortable doing that, checking the flop is probably the better play for you.Then you get small blockered on the river which ices you pretty nicely here. This is a guy you're going to have position on, so if you're curious, I think the call is worth learning how he plays for that price. You're even occasionally taking down a pot from a monkey. I don't think bluff raising this
  7. I'm calling all day there. The bet sizing is more a 'I guess I'll bet if no one else wants it' than a 'I've got it' or 'I want you to think I've got it.'If I'm wrong, it's all good b/c I feel like they should have gotten more out of me.
  8. Someone raising qj UTG is never folding toppest pair on that turn. Especially since they've picked up the gut shot.The chat didn't influence anything. The money was going in.
  9. How long have you been at this table? When you say 'no reads', does that mean you just got moved there? Otherwise anything you've got is useful, did he limp the hand before, etc...It's such an idiot play that it's the old reverse double reverse and I level myself into calling here.
  10. I think I'm out pre flop and careful on the turn.
  11. I tend to have a rule of calling stupid shoves from half stackers. The problem here is the flat from mp, then the shove. In those spots I like to let it go. I'm drunk.
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