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  1. What were the cards? Seems like they were excised when you copy pasted
  2. To my eye you look like a dummy for that call but then again you're the pro and you also had immediate and long term history with him to go off of and it was probably actually genius and correct for all I know.
  3. You said on HSP that it would take some huge sum of money (250k was it?) to get you to eat a burger. What would it take for you to eat an egg or drink a glass of milk? Would you consider eating fish again? It's healthy and fish are too dumb to suffer.On a different note, Toronto is considering building a casino but there is opposition. As a TO boy would you lobby city council in favour of it?
  4. Any chance of the big game and/or HSP returning soon? I heard Poker After Dark is.Is Phil Laak really such a weirdo or is that just for TV?Has your bashing of Howard, Ferguson and Annie Duke strained relationships with other players who like them who you don't have problems with otherwise?Who is the best "old school" player (known before Moneymaker), not including you or Ivey?Can straightforward TAG play still win at stakes that can make you a living?
  5. Damn it. I withdrew my roll from FTP after black friday but I ran up a new one from full tilt points. Only $100 or so, but still.
  6. Can someone tell me if Cake is safe... it's not one of the 3 mentioned but Tom Dwan said "ub/cake players should be shitting their pants" on twitter -- what does ub have to do with cake? p.s. I'm not American
  7. Do I have anything to worry about as a Canadian on Cake poker
  8. Seat 2: Domn***2 ($79.78 in chips) Seat 5: fuzzylogic44 ($67.91 in chips) DEALERDomn***2: raises to $1.50fuzzylogic44: calls $1.50*** FLOP *** [As,8c,Ad]Domn***2: checksfuzzylogic44: bets $1.88Domn***2: raises to $5.64fuzzylogic44: calls $3.76*** TURN *** [9d]Domn***2: bets $8fuzzylogic44: calls $8*** RIVER *** [5d]Domn***2: bets $20.69fuzzylogic44: foldsfuzzylogic44: shows [Ac 2c]Domn***2: returns uncalled bet $20.69***SHOW DOWN***Domn***2: mucksDomn***2 wins $29.48 I felt pretty strongly that he had either Ace-paint, or 88, but then again I had no notes on this guy didn't know anything about
  9. http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/644997runner runner... and I had 2 of said runners. What the hell did he put me on?
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