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  1. can still play on bodog, even though their game selection sucks
  2. I think I played this ok, but it has been bugging me thinking about it. What do you think of the play? Anything you'd do different?Absolute/UB Cereus No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (8 handed) - Absolute/UB Cereus Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comButton (t1170)SB (t2064)BB (t1867)Hero (UTG) (t2415)UTG+1 (t1470)MP1 (t1135)MP2 (t1809)CO (t1570)Hero's M: 53.67Preflop: Hero is UTG with Q , K :spade:BB calls t30, Hero bets t150, 2 folds, MP2 calls t150, 3 folds, BB calls t120Flop: (t480) 9 , 6 , J (3 players)BB checks, Hero checks, MP2 checksTurn: (t480) Q (3 players)BB bets t180, Her
  3. none taken. If enough people wanted to. A "regular" forum member could hold the money. Makes no difference to me
  4. thats cool. if you want to have some 1 on 1 heads up challenge throughout may (or longer) let me know. PM me , and we can figure out some details if you're interested.
  5. basically I just wanna get a microstakes heads up challenge going. Whether against one person or many. Open to suggestions.
  6. MicroStakes - Heads Up Challenge for MayStarting a heads up challenge to run from may 8 - may 29th.Rules * Must Play .01/.02 or .05/.10 Heads Up * Must play 1000+ hands * Must play on UB ( I think this is the only site with small stakes heads up ) * Winner is decided by most profits earned * 10,000 Hand Cap. To keep it fair for the part time players who may only be able to get 1,000 hand inResults will be tracked with PokerTableRatings.com$10 to be in. Shipped to: huismn5150 on UB, PokerStars, or FTPPayouts * 1st - 50% * 2nd - 20% * 3rd - 10% * 4th - 10% * 5th - 5
  7. Durr, Elky, or Huck Seed. Can't decide. But it'll be one of them
  8. currently 69/154 261 cashed
  9. Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterCereus No Limit Hold'em t300/t600 - 9 playersButton: t7,570 SB: t5,485 BB: t24,125 UTG: t5,545 UTG+1: t1,495 MP: t2,835 MP2: t10,500 HJ: t18,235 CO: t16,353 (Hero)Preflop: (t900) Hero is CO with (9 players)5 folds, Hero raises to t1,600, 2 folds, BB calls t1,000Flop: (t3,500) (2 players)BB bets t2,087, Hero calls t2,087Turn: (t7,674) (2 players)BB bets t4,174, Hero raises to t12,591 and is all-in, BB calls t8,417River: (t32,856) (2 players)BB showed , Full house, aces full of kings Hero showed , Four of a kind, aces Hero won t33,531currently 56/226 left
  10. i'd fold. the 3 players to your left all have less chips than you. Plus the blinds will be on them the next few hands. You can probably wait it out another round to see if any of them bust, and increase your payday.
  11. When do you guys suggest starting to attempt to steal the blinds in a tournament. And vice-versa for when to start trying to defend your blinds. I've started to use both these techniques alot lately. But think I may have been too aggressive with it.
  12. Looking for Colts -2.5 vs Saints and/or SuperBowl OVER 33If anyone wants the Saints or the Under PM me Looking for around $5 bets sent through Stars
  13. Has anyone read "The Poker tournament Formula" by arnold snyder? thoughts on it?
  14. What's everyone's opinion in an online cash game.Play small ball or be real selective on the hands you play, and play them aggressive?
  15. Hey all,This is my first post, but I've been following this forum awhile now and have finally signed up.Anyways.I've been having a decent amount of success playing online tournys. But after finishing on the bubble in 4/4 tournaments i played in yesterday. And arriving at the bubble shortstacked in every tournament. Then hoping to win a coin flip to make it into the money. I think I need to make some changes. Probably get more aggressive in the mid stages?.. Any suggestions, or books to recommendThanks in advance.
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