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  1. busted with about half the feild left. blinds were up to 500/1000 with average about 8k. had AK in the BB and the cutoff moved in with A2 and hit the wheel. oh wells.
  2. i will be playing the 6pm start $230 NLH on the 14th.
  3. 6.1m is the total what was taken.
  4. **Editor's Note: It has been brought to the attention of IGamingNews that the sum, $60 million, which appeared initially in this report, was incorrect. The sum should instead be $6.1 million, as it now stands.
  5. if anyone wants to play 2k/4k PLO hu with Gus, they have a table just for you. durrr is there now, but no gus yet.has anyone seen this game run? when was it added?
  6. the TP of tp/mmfwiwfypqftim dumb at forums
  7. congrats man, next time take 'er down!
  8. I suppose I could try to start from zero on full tilt.....as soon as my self ban is up...
  9. http://www.pokerhand.org/?3096921I was one the button and limped after 2 others limped ahead of me. Should I have raised this hand? Push flop? If I did just call the flop, should I also just call the turn?
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