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  1. i havent played in about 5 months and am about to get back into it, is this statement a joke or are players more savvy to it?what did you mean here?
  2. i do checks, they take a lil while, but i've never had an issue
  3. please get psychiatric helpand gimme some head
  4. not the best, but definately a very good combo
  5. the rule is not 100% specific in regards to this situation, therefore refer to the rule that says "tournament directors desicion is final"did he have a legitimate right to argue? 100% yesbut ultimately, as the rules are stated, ruling is what it is and stands as is
  6. "is anyone here a marine biologist?!?!!?"didnt wanna make another thread
  7. a real town baller doesnt need to ask if he is, especially on a foruma real town baller spends his time, making money, spending money, having sex with hot women, and fantasizing about more money.
  8. hahaha very good story, ending was kinda weak, but 1st 2/3 were gold
  9. play looks fine to me. stop and go doesnt always work (as evident) but its still a valid tacticeven tho u know he's lag'n im a lil shy about repop'n preflop w kq. from what ive read i think u played the hand well
  10. he prolly has the other 2 nines and ur choppinbut seriously good post, judgin from ur assessment i dont think he's playin w/o a 10 here, if ur confident enuf to fold here and still make a run (which im pretty sure u are) then folding here stings but s prolly best
  11. IMO althought there is a good chance ur ahead or flippin, i still think theres too many times that you are not for this call to be +ev. its close but fold
  12. hand 1 push isnt bad, but you also could put out a 6xbb raise, which (if they arent inept) show that you're committed to this hand, and looks less weak (notice i didnt say stronger)hand 2, dont push with those blind and ur stack, 10 handed limping is an option, 7 handed open the pot. u got 20 bbs theres no harm in opening for 3bbs. if you get repopped then asses from there
  13. i think ur behind here. ur gettin 2.5 to 4.5 on ur money me thinks, so boat draw isnt practical even moreso because one of them has a piece of that board ths limiting ur outs.however, 1. it may be the BB w the str8 and u can still win side pot from SB2. more importantly, if the sb has the str8, u need to weigh the options of the gamble ie folding here and be left 3000, or calling and left 500 if lose or 8k if draw out. 8K, 8K, 8K. i need to seriously consider the amount of equity u think u can gain from drawing out3. i seriously dont think this happens often but neither could have the str8 (
  14. 1600 commits u, i dont like it. and even if you've decided that you're gonna commit urself the either:pushor re-pop to an amount that 1. looks strong and 2. doesnt commit youi hate the 1600. villian is in MP and doesnt have a super stack, so you know he has some sort of hand. grant it i dont like his play either, but think about this. 1600 commits you, if u go to 1000-1100 then u can still get away if he decides to play with yo (or decide at that point to play). if villain is weak of the times that he'll fold to 1600 95% of those times he'll fold to said smaller raises. look i dont like
  15. man thats a poopoo sick beatnever ever ever ever ever can u literally steal this pot. i dont think poker has ethics, but it does have rules.
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