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  1. I ain't got time fo yo white ***cause I'm grizzly, and you's a bassI ain't even hungry, still eat you for dinnercause you is a loser, and I'm a winnerYou lucky I'm a man of peaceYou lucky I ain't use my pieceYou lucky I ain't gonna be fightinYou lucky this is the last rhyme I be writin.
  2. Yo, I could throw together some sick **** for you, jus holla at me when you need it!EDIT: nm, my deepest sympathies.
  3. who the Fuck are you callin an Ali G impersonator playa?
  4. Stop trippin dawg, that ****'s comin. I jus had to get this off my chest.
  5. Nameliss

    Hot New Track

    Gone Before He CameYo, dis one ain't 'bout FCP, but is still a tight track. Peep it, and holla at me 'bout what you think.
  6. http://www.audiostreet.net/artist.aspx?artistid=46589
  7. Raycroft to TorontoTanguay to CalgaryDemitra to MinnesotaCan someone explain the Tanguay deal to me? seems like a bad move for colorado.Also, is Demitra (still) good enough to demand that much in return? FUCK!!!!
  8. http://www.audiostreet.net/artist.aspx?artistid=46589
  9. yo laces must be untied cause you TRIPPIN FOOL! I ain't Spademan, my greatness surpasses even the spadey one.
  10. Greatest thread in FCP historyno doubt
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