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  1. I never disrespected him. If that is what you mean?? I just asked a question. I am sorry it bothered you. If he wants to not answer it, then he wont. I didn't see anywhere on this thread where I had to clear questions with you. Mr.
  2. The last lie I told was; I want to be like Custom when I grow up. Maybe it was Kdawg. I cant remember. Oh well.
  3. Hello Mr. Harry. I think you are an excellent player. I just have one question. Is it true that Jerry is your new protege?? Everyone here at this forum has wondered what happened to him. I salute you, my sir.
  4. Maybe the guy has a valid point. Anyone ever think of that.
  5. Hey feller's. How you doin.
  6. She isnt to bad of a woman. Reckon she would date me??? I would make her feel real good.
  7. I know my father and his brother owned 600 acres. I know for a fact they received $50,000 back in 1980. For the right for my Mom's brother to grow dope on our land.Back then, my uncle would plant the dope in the corn rows. That is why he used sensemilla. It didnt grow tall, but produced big buds. Hell, some dummies would plant columbia plants, and they grew to like 10 to 15 feet tall. lol.
  8. Back in the eighties I used to grow some weed. It was sensamilla. It was called, Meigs county gold here. We would plant up to 100 plants in a circle area. Come back and take out the males. Then in late September harvest the rest of the plants. Back then we would get $2500 a pound. I havent done it for the last 15 years. I guess now they take your farm if you are caught. Plus a jail time.It is still grown here on a big time basis, but I am not involved in it anymore.
  9. I thought him asked a right good guestion. Why is everyone picking on him?? The thing is, you can see fish in a barrel, but you cant see another feller's cards.I didnt know there was so many donks on here. I reckon you all have esp or something.
  10. That aint nothing, I was to receive a deck of cards. When I opened the box it was one of Musha's feets. I am sure it was the back left one. Man I hope Jordan doesnt read this. He will give me hell.
  11. Legsarelikebutter


    I love spam. Take that butcher knife and slice of a couple of thick slices, Then slice off a thick piece of Matter. Yummy. I have spam on Sunday dinners. Plus it is cheap to.
  12. DN pm'd me and wanted pics of that hog liver. I sent them to him. He pm'd me back and said "thanks buddy. You are right." That is all I have to say about that.
  13. I would say, shooting fish in a barrel would be easier than calling someone with a flush draw. I can see the fish, but I cant see the other feller's cards. Just my thoughts.
  14. You must have met the same tribe I did. They wanted to have me for dinner, but I told them I had already eaten.
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