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  1. I'll be a Captain, I got nothing better else to do with my time then stakeaments/sidebetaments
  2. Catharge (Gainesville)I don't want to set the bar high, but I'll probably win
  3. I'm not sure I believe it as well, but the guy went through a lot of trouble to get it out there. Starting your own website just to angle shoot Phil Laak seems almost too much. There may be some validity to it, but the guy sure does have an imagination if it was false
  4. I found this link through 2+2 and through P5. Hope it hasn't been posted, but what do you guys think?http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...p;vc=1&nt=6
  5. 4500 at break, had 8500 and gave away 4000 chips about 600 at a time without winning a pot this hourMakes the eventual comeback even more special I guess
  6. in as PimpMastaNI'm probably going to go deep so I'll be back
  7. I just moved to Gainesville and haven't even checked to see if I have GSN. That would really suck, guess I should get it
  8. I'm jealous, really really jealousGL TID
  9. I got in cheap here and I'm at the same table with BkicePimpMastaN
  10. Damn I should be on this draft more often, guess it's time to get out beneath my rock as well, right after I win it of course
  11. I wonder how they convinced Mike to do this, or how Mike convinced them
  12. Good luck guys, this seems to be a great tournment of Full Tilt
  13. Damn I may have to start skipping classes if they run into the WCOOP schedule. Hopefully by then buying into them directly won't sound as absurd as it does now
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