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  1. Here's a better solution.Create a new bank account with your branch, and keep it empty when you're not using it. Link this account to your Neteller account. (I ended up deleting my old Neteller account and creating a new one, linking it to my new bank account.)When you're ready to deposit into Neteller, transfer money from your real bank account into this new account, then move that money into Neteller. Now, when someone tries to hack into your real bank account, there's nothing in there for them to take.
  2. I'm playing a home game tournament last night and early on I get dealt QC 9H in the button. Three players see the flop and it comes 10H JH AH. It's checked to me and I put out a feeler bet and get two callers. Turn comes KH. First player bets and second person raises. I take a couple minutes before I decide to fold. First player re-raises all in and gets called. Sure enough, he has the QH for the royal. I let everyone know what I folded and they're just simply amazed I had the ability to lay it down. I didn't think it was that difficult a fold. Maybe that's why I ended up winning the tournamen
  3. Nice workI had aces cracked twice, and went all in with 99 vs AQ, board A Q x 9 AThey don't hurt as much when they're freerolls.
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