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  1. have fun with my dad
  2. Yes, but how do you feel about penis?
  3. Their little uniforms are the best. Uniforms that show off penis are +EV!!!
  4. Yes, but how do you feel about high school wrestlers?
  5. High school wrestlers? Doesn't get much hotter does it?
  6. ...wish you could be a fly on a wall when high school wrestlers weigh in?
  7. I haven't played in about a month and have the itch right now. But for the last hour I've been feverishly trying to log into my firepay account. Why the hell doesn't my email work? How could my account just disappear after only a month? Who the **** jacked my account?An hour later I realize I have a Neteller account, not a Firepay.Now I'm ready to gamble!
  8. I want that guy from the FIFA soccer games for gamecube."Ah hey put the pehr in the hitch and es all fer now"
  9. Obviously this is just the beginning of television programming moving to portable devices or PCs. Because remember, the television will be around forever, just like the telegraph.
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