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  1. Trying again. Maybe we can start it and send out invites. Maybe if we build it they will come.
  2. Maybe we can start it and send out invites. Maybe if we build it they will come.
  3. Are we gonna get it going again this year. We keep losing people but it would be nice to continue it.
  4. I'm so glad we got Kassian for him. Not like we could use a skilled player up the middle such as him right now.
  5. The push itself isn't too bad. The distance from the boards is what is the worst part. Could easily break his neck. I think that hit, no matter who makes it, on whatever player should be min 5 games.
  6. This was win/win for the Flames IMO. He signs, they make the playoffs and he looks brilliant. They don't make it but he shows the fans he will do anything. They don't come close and trade off guys and get 1 or more firsts anyways and can build around O'Reilly, Bartschi and draft picks. Not like they will be hurting if they offload some guys. Avs match (as they did) and it costs Calgary nothing but screws over Colorado as they have more young stars that will be looking for similar money in the coming years.
  7. I was reading an article about this today on CBC. Apparently Luke Richardson approached Paul Maclean as he wanted to coach the farm team with the same system and everything that the big club was doing. Maclean wanted Richardson to still have some flexibility but they apparently sat down and talked about systems and what terminology they'd use, etc. This has been huge as these guys have come up and haven't had to learn new systems or figure out what certain terminology meant.
  8. Imagine in a couple of years if he improves it just a bit more.
  9. Did you see his shootout goal the other day? Against Jersey I think. Such a deadly wrist shot.
  10. So Edmonton almost got screwed. Got a goal waived off with a minute left that never should have. Yakupov baits the puck out of the air with 4 seconds left to tie it again. Great to see some justice.
  11. We gonna get the old one going again?
  12. I don't really care. I hope there is a long lockout and some of the teams have to fold or move. I'd really like to see the owners eat it this time around. In the mean time. Go Man Utd.
  13. I've mentally prepared myself for no hockey. For sure I will still be disappointed but as I said earlier, I will just watch more of the English Premier League. I've always been a big soccer fan so a lockout will really allow me to get into things even more. If a lockout is avoided then good. Either way, I will always watch and support the NHL but they certainly risk losing a ton of fans in some of the markets.
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