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  1. I'm in if we can get it going in time
  2. Gov Moonbeam has actually done a decent job in my view - he's pledged not to increase taxes unless the people vote for it (hence prop 30). For now, the state democrats have agreed to this but time will tell. Brown who's 74 has no higher aspirations and can do whatever he wants - from that standpoint, he's beholden to no one since I doubt he'll run for another term. He actually did a decent job as the mayor of Oakland and has become more moderate as he gets older. He's actually balanced the budget with Prop 30 passing (something Davis and the Governator couldn't do) but also reiterated
  3. Make an offer on Justin Ruggiano OF Mia $1.00 RFA No Tier Aaron Hill 2B Ari $4.50 RFA Tier 1 Victor Martinez C/1B Det $2.75 RFA No Tier Tyler Moore 1B/OF Was $1 RFA No Tier Michael Saunders OF Sea $1 RFA No Tier Shane Victorino OF LAD $4.25
  4. Yup - if they thought there were more, why wouldn't they expand their effort to verify voting eligibility?
  5. Actually we get that the 3,903 met some test where their voting status was suspect and out of that #, only 141 were found ineligible. If any of the rest of the voters were suspect, they would have gotten a letter also asking for more information.
  6. Gessler is a Republican who is a true believer in rooting out voter fraud and he only found 141 illegals out of 3.5 million voters Similar stories in the other states - but it's a good way to fire up the base so we'll keep spending lots of $ to find all these illegal voters.
  7. So based on the BLS statistics Men 20 Years and older: 71% are employed Women 20 Years and older : 60% are employed That's for the civilian noninstitutional population - not sure if that excludes students and stay-at-home parents, but Romney's 47% obviously includes working folks who happen to be poor. This should be good for a week of entertainment
  8. Gore/Kerry wussed out - they deserved to lose the election Obama gets down into the mud with the Republicans - both sides are now really reaching with their ads - lots of "pants on fire" ads if you look at politifact. You don't win in politics if you don't go negative unfortunately
  9. Congrats Jeff! - it's about time and can't believe you still have that picCongrats Steve! - quite the good looking kid
  10. Yeah Margin call was excellent - Spacey was great in that movie.Also if you're in sales, you have to know " my loss is your gain"
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