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  1. why do you think I said "$3500 prop"?!?!? if you watch th episode you'll find ppl all calling it a 'game' but I'm sure you're too busy searching forums for spelling mistakes.get a job...grammar police maybe?It isn't Just sayin', it's Just saying.
  2. The seven deuce game has been the best edition to high stakes this year...link to episode 3 below...Hellmuth bluffs off over $70k trying to win the $3500 prop in the very first hand...enjoy "the hammer" debauchery!! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4411A5DC29274D4B
  3. DANIEL NEGREANU is scheduled to appear on Rounders the poker show this Sunday. I think this is his third appearance on the show. They are looking for questions so if you have any for Daniel post them here...Question Thread
  4. I've been listening to another poker podcast since the Circuit called it quits. It's pretty good. Even had Gavin on a couple times to give it a circuit feel. RoundersPokerShow.com
  5. I haven’t been able to do any CG work in a long time. Been so busy with the new rakeback site RakeFreeze.com and the radio show. But I'd like to start a new project soon. I'm thinking of going beyond just a desktop and do a full poker animation. I did one awhile ago to promote my site... WATCH VIDEO (Win Media) But I think I'll try and go a little further and actually add a character playing poker. Would need a dealer too and some opponents. Of course I would need to come up with a premise and an actual short story. Which would be the hardest part. Any ideas??
  6. LOL...Maybe if he had another move besides going all-in he might do better. Elmoveinski more like it!
  7. Maybe back in Brunsons day...you could play 97 tournies in a weekend now
  8. I emailed the guys at www.RakeFreeze.com and they told me that Full Contact was pretty picky about people trying to create new accounts. Maybe you should try Absolute or UB, I don't think they care as much.
  9. I just had to add to the longest forum post about nothing on the planet...should have called it the Seinfeild post
  10. Andy Bloch made some interesting comments about Daniel during this radio interview when about the lawsuit against the WPT. Didn't actually say his name but who else would he be talking about?? Judge for yourself. Andy Bloch Interview
  11. You have to listen to this radio interview new WSOP champ Jamie Gold did on "Rounders" Guy's ego is unreal...calls on Hellmuth to play a Million dollar heads-up freeze out. Bashes Cunningham..."I screwed him up so bad he was shaking!" Sounds like a real d*uche bag. Here's a link to the interview mp3 http://www.bigpoker.ca/resources/rounders/..._2006-08-13.mp3 Discuss!
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