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  1. I actually forgot I had a blog. I started that blog to introduce accountability to my play, and it served it's purpose. I'm now a ridiculous bankroll nit.I have an outside shot at some really exciting things upcoming. If they do happen I will certainly be blogging.
  2. OMG, Disclaiminator... that's classic. I guess I used to be funny.
  3. Thanks guys!Yeah I laughed at some of the haters as well. 2+2 may have a lot of haters, but most are actually pretty good.My blog is SOOOO old, but if someone gets some use out of it, awesome. I think some of the picture links went dead =).
  4. Hey guys, I used to post here quite frequently. Zach6668 thought it'd be a good idea to stop by and say hello. I've definitely noticed a handful of you having tremendous success, hope it keeps on going.Much respect.
  5. No he doesn't. The sky is not falling. Yes, you do have to be careful about which eWallet you choose, and obviously you are an idiot if you have large sums of money on any eWallet, but your funds are always going to be 99.99% safe on the online sites because you can always get checks. There is no system in the US that can scan checks and there won't be one in the forseeable future (decades).Besides, there is nothing criminal about playing online poker and therefore there is no worries if the FBI tracks funds. Finally, the FBI didn't cease all Neteller funds, just those involved in the pendi
  6. Bet that flop all day long. A straight is the most vulnerable monster you can flop.Shoving the river is not bad. With $365 behind he's calling $199... I think it's 75%+ chance that he would call a shove.
  7. I love it when the Alternative station plays Nirvana or Sublime, and some dumbass kid calls in asking who that was. I'm 24 and that makes me feel old.
  8. Walking away with $300 less dollars in this situation would be one of the best outcomes possible. If he's scamming you, oh well. Just do it.
  9. As far as I know, you don't sign up for it, just accrue points daily. 200+ points for 25 days gets you into the biggest freeroll.It's totally worth it to make sure you get into these. The top tournie is a 400-700 person tournament with a $30k prize pool and half the people don't show up to play it.
  10. LJ's law of internet flaming says that any person insulting the intelligence of another online, will make grammatical mistakes that will make them look foolish.*you're
  11. I heard someone found a way to see the flop before it's dealt and they had to bring down the servers.
  12. I saw it once. I made a pact never to watch it since it's just too cliche for my tastes. It was on TV, I got sucked in. Great movie.
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