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  1. steve blake was the leading scorer last night and we won, somehow someone is stepping up big for us every night it really is pretty cool to see( well i guess just look at the stat sheets since they are never on tv)
  2. i didnt see kirilenko wasnt playing,. I live in the northwest and fsn plays every stupid ****ing sonics game but never a blazer game maybe after a good year this year next year they will be on tv more
  3. no roy and we stomp the jazz why the hell couldn't we do this the other night, the streak would still be alive
  4. nice we won, i fell asleep at halftime and it wasnt looking great but they pulled it out. If somehow we could play 500 ball on the road the rest of the way out we will definately make the playoffs
  5. i agree webster needs to start picking it up, probably would have benefited him to go to college but who in the hell is gonna go to college when looking at top ten draft money
  6. i thought for sure we would stop the streak to some terrible team such as the twolves tonight, but the streak is still alive baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. the sonics are terrible how half of their team is even in the league is amazing
  8. people are gonna be all over the bandwagon next year
  9. we only scored 80 points and we won, i cant believe this streak right now
  10. seven in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!wanna know the best part? we are actually playing good on the road. keep it up rip city
  11. i started a bill frist account during the whole illegalization of online gambling with hopes to be funny and use it now and then but i never did
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